Picture of K'nex M72

This is a K'nex bomb I made. The casing is optional but highly recommended. The third picture is the remains of the bomb with the casing. You will have to use three or more #64 rubber bands to get that result. So with that, let's start building. I hope you enjoy it!
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Step 1: The Parts List

Picture of The Parts List

Parts list:


8 green or black rods

2 white or gray rods

16 long gray rods (optional, only if you want the casing)


2 blue 3D connectors

4 granite or red 3 slot connectors


4 large wheels (only 2 if you don't want the casing)

2 large tires (only if you want the casing)

3 #64 rubber bands

Step 2: The Explosive

Picture of The Explosive

Pic 1. What you will be making.

Pic 2. Make these parts.  Notice that the slot in the blue connector has to be on the opposite side from the granite pieces.

Pic 3. Add 2 of the four large wheels to the parts you made from the last picture (They just slide into the grooves. They are not attached).

Pic 4. Add the rubber bands. This might take some practice. Put them on one at a time. It might also help to have a friend  hold down the middle.

Step 3: The Optional Casing

Picture of The Optional Casing

The casing makes it look better and perform better, but increases size.

Pic 1. Put the last two wheels in the tires.

Pic 2. Put all sixteen gray rods into the treads of the tires.

Step 4: Putting the Explosive into the Optional Casing

Picture of Putting the Explosive into the Optional Casing

Pic 1. Remove two or three of the gray rods from the tires.

Pic 2. Put the explosive into the casing carefully. The side should fit in between two gray rods.

Pic 3. Replace the gray rods. It should look like this.

NOTE:  Fill the extra space of the casing with white snowflake connectors for mega-destruction!

Step 5: How to Use Your Bomb

Picture of How to Use Your Bomb

With casing:

Throw it hard enough that it brakes the casing.

Without casing:

Throw it as hard or as soft as you want.

You are done! If you have questions or suggestions don't hesitate to post them! Have fun with your new bomb!!!

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danbaha (author) 4 years ago
(YOUR N4 years ago
epica! ha!
~KGB~5 years ago
danbaha (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
~KGB~ danbaha4 years ago
no problem
ajleece5 years ago
Could you put extra 'shrapnel' in the case? Like, a whole lot of connectors?
danbaha (author)  ajleece5 years ago
Sure! You should use the white snowflake connectors!
ajleece danbaha4 years ago
It was more a suggestion to you, but okay. =p
~Aeronous~5 years ago
Not that bad for first instructable. You know how they 'explode' which is more then I can say most others.
danbaha (author)  ~Aeronous~4 years ago
Raikou-san5 years ago
Pretty sweet.
danbaha (author)  Raikou-san5 years ago
Thanks! I like your M110 I might buy more pieces to build it!
Cool. It's pretty much a bit of a mod of Nuttyguy's M110, if you need instructions.