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Introduction: Knex M9-S Pistol

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This M9-S is a short-barrel version of a real M9. 

Looks like an M9
Good range 25-35 ft
Fires Oodammo

Single Shot
Needs mods to he a handle mag
Not in metallics

In all, this is a great gun to build. It can be modded to fire Oodammo, but it will reduce the realistic look of the M9. There is also my Desert Eagle and P.F.N. in the pics too hehe. I wonder what guns will come next...  



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    Trigger is actually very strong; based off a TR18 trigger. What kills it is the ram that breaks if you use too many elastics.

    Not that, it's that it blocks so far up the barrel that it's underpowered.

    actually i made it myself and the power is very strong

    Yp, I see. Thats what stopped it from being damaging. Than again It was built to make a smaller version of my Desert eagle. Oh, I dont see the "pro" next to your name anymore, you hate paying for an 'ibles account? I would hate that.

    I don't hate paying for an account, I'd love to support the site, but I just can't buy one at the moment.

    I modded it to make it look cool(for me) and this is what I got

    13, 9:41 AM.jpg
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    Wow, I'm quite amazed that people still view this gun. I have to say... The actual looks of what you've got is not bad at all! There's still a better way you could have done what you tried to do though.

    So it dosent look like an m9. I still like it.

    I know other ppl have said this, but that does not look like a M9. I'm not saying that I could do any better, but yeah. Good try though.This is an M9:


    one of the cons should be that it looks nothing like the beretta m9.

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    looks nice!