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Introduction: Knex MAT-49

About: I like building knex guns even though I don't have many pieces. Most of my ideas have failed but I love seeing all the new innovations people make with knex.

Im back with a new knex gun with a little break from black ops. This is the french MAT-49 used in WW2. It looks similar to the mp-40.

my knex version features a modified ZLG trigger and a removable mag. The mag holds grey single slots. THe rest of the gun is built from the ground up. The trigger is also sliding like the real gun. Power isn't the best at around 15 feet using the mag. Without the mag (single shot from front) it shoots a good 35 feet. the power doesnt matter. it is built for looks. The mag also has groves for grip.




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    ''with a little break from black ops''
    Lol, it's in the ds version of black ops

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    yeah but i dont play that any more. i play Black ops ps3

    Yes. I play Black ops on Wii mostly. Sometimes with my sisters on ds (I have a R4 card)

    I want an r43ds. Make instructions on how to install games and the firmware

    Aha. Who needs to make instructions for games and firmware?
    ( the firmware was already installed on mine, I got it second hand. I only updated the firmware once, that didn't go too smootly with my über r4 skills)
    Installing games is very easy. I downloaded mine on (something like that)
    If you have winzip (paid) or winrar (free, I got winrar), you open the downloaded files, and unpack them in a folder you want. After that, just copy too your ds card.
    You should keep an eye on the firmware (I had too update mine for black ops) 'cause newer games might not work with older firmware.

    I havent had my r4 in a long time. I had to have a friend do it for me

    Ah. I didn't download a game for a long time too.But I used my ds yesterday...

    It may look a little like it but it was built from scratch. It has a different mech as well as a new magazine mech. The barrel is different. The gun itself resembles the MPL because this design (back in WW2 times) worked well. The MAT-49 was much less used and only given to obscure units without much affiliation. The MPL was given to many units as a secondary.

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    Next time, hit the REPLY button when telling people something

    looks good