The MP-605 has returned and is now more compact and can fire 20% faster.

Very Powerful
Very Good Range 40-50 ft
Higher ROF
Mag holds 10 rounds
Compact (Carbine)
Comfy to hold

Does not fire big rounds
Needs a decapitated yellow connector to fire correctly 

Pictures 15-17 show the M16A4 sights option.

This gun can fire at appx 100 RPM MAXIMUM!!!! It has decent power, and it can find a target from about 20 ft away. You can make this gun form the pics if you wanted to. Please do, it is a great SMG to mave in a knex war.  
please post instructions cuz its a cool gun
Nice. A bit too generic though but. For more power I suggest making the trigger block further back, apart from that it mostly conforms to this: <a href="http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?1010-Guide-to-Performance-Knex-Guns&p=14042">Ooodalump's guide</a>
Yea, this gun was meant for a high ROF; but it can still shoot a decent 40 ft.
Foof beat me to it. Whatever he said then.
cool.is it russain or somethin.5.5*
This gun is actually an MP5 and a M60 combined. So you can say it is an American SMG. And thank you for the compliment =D
are you russain.you have the russain symbol which is a sicle and a hammer with a star on top.
Im an american. Though russains do run in my family.
cool.im american but slavics run the fam
kool =D
hey can you make my knex target and test with your guns
Thank you =D It uses the rapid fire of my previous MP-605, and fires even quicker.
nice one =D
Thank You =D
no prob man =D
Your surprise gun has yet to be made.
for me?!? thanks!!! =D
It will be done in about a week.
So be prepared for it =D
ok =D
Not bad 4.5*

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