Picture of Knex MP3 Player holder
This holds Various MP3 Players such as the:

Zen V
Zen V Plus
iPod Nano(the new one)
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Step 1: Making the Cradle

Picture of Making the Cradle
Cradle Part 2.bmp
Cradle Part 3.bmp
Cradle Part 4.bmp
Cradle part 5.bmp
Make this Cradle. This Cradle will hold your MP3 player.

Step 2: Cradle to Floor

Picture of Cradle to Floor
Bottom of the Cradle View 2.bmp
Bottom of the Cradle View 3.bmp
Connect The Bottom to the Cradle.bmp
This attaches the Cradle you just mad the the bottom support we will make.

Step 3: Make the floor attachment

Picture of Make the floor attachment
This makes the Cradle Stand up

Step 4: Attach the bottom

Picture of Attach the bottom
Don't pay attention to the top just attach the bottom

Step 5: Make the top

Picture of Make the top
Top of the Cradle 2.bmp
Top of the Cradle 3.bmp
This will attach the cradle to the bottom of it (sorry for the HORRIBLE pics)
ethede13 years ago
Can you make and upload a MP3 player dock for a SONY E-Series MP3 Player and Message me when you have it uploaded :)
disaster7 years ago
Nice for an 11 year old, I'm 13 and I couldn't do it lol. I mainly make wii remote holders and stuff :P
RokinKnex (author)  disaster7 years ago
Thanks man! I'm running out of ideas(sadly) So give me some ideas! I don't mess around with "guns" anymore. Give me some ideas!
Perhaps you could make... A K'Nex mouse dock, like a keyboard mouse, so when you are not using it? You could just like put it there. I don't know I guess it is best to leave to the k'nexperts like you. :P Have a good build Disaster
RokinKnex (author)  disaster7 years ago
I don't know if it will fit all mouses. But when I'm bored I will be sure to keep that in mind!
hmm.. fair enough :) I am working on a Powerful Bow and Arrow at the minute :D
RokinKnex (author)  disaster7 years ago
I gave up on guns!
knexmaniac7 years ago
make it hold a zune
RokinKnex (author)  knexmaniac7 years ago
Easy. Make the yellow rods red rods!
good ,but bad pictures. "best dock on the sight"
RokinKnex (author)  the_burrito_master7 years ago
I'm only 11 and I have a sucky Camera. Thanks lots for your comment!
I understand that ,I think you could have taken the pictures more head on though.
Aww man. I wanted to build this for my iPod video. I might fix it up and make it able to fit in.. nice job.