Picture of K'nex MP40
This is my K'nex MP40 that I just finished making. I was looking for a gun that no one had made before and this was the first one I found, so I decided to go right ahead and make it.

The only copied part is the trigger from TheDunkis's AK47 and i modified a little bit his handle.

This is my first instructable so lots of constructive criticism!


- Small, Lightweight
- Durable
- 25+ round magazine
- Easy Firing
- Looks Cool


- Low range

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle
MP40 KNEX 004.jpg
MP40 KNEX 005.jpg
MP40 KNEX 006.jpg
1-Handle (Side)
2-Handle (Front)
3-Trigger Guard
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gabriel1801 year ago
Kona-chan2 years ago
gonna make it right now
knexboy5862 years ago
one of my favorite guns in medal honor heros
stryker34 years ago
cool! I think i will make a stock for it
I already did that
rheath23 years ago
Trauts, typ in mp40 stock. Comment
rheath24 years ago
I've made that gun....................................................................AND I STILL HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stryker34 years ago
O yeah, and your profile picture looks EXACTLY like the sample picture for the koala on the computer!
rheath24 years ago
I sort of.......IMPROVED it.
irish dc 954 years ago
nice!!!!!!! I had enough to make ur thompson and ur mp40
chato564 years ago
how do you put the rods in
gassybeans4 years ago
you can actually stop here, but then its not an mp40!
you should give up making shooting guns. just make models. these guns you post stink but they look really good. :(
dont listen to him. some of your guns are great.
made it again and it dose not work no matter what i do
dont feel bad ,the mag doesnt work.
My MP-605 SMG performs better than this gun.
Danny48784 years ago
Didn't shoot well..... probably just my dodgy visual capabilities (what ever that means). Still a pretty awesome gun, i customized the mag so it could be removed but not enough pieces for another mag. >:-(
poellmac4 years ago
couldnt make the mag work. plz help some one
well judging by the pics it doesnt look like the mag is supposed to work:)
orckyorca4 years ago
doesn't shoot very far... :(
yeah look at my post
poserboy1234 years ago
no one can do anything stupid with this gun when it only shoots 4 feet
gers20104 years ago
kl gun used it in a knex war and i won whoooooo:)
im a smart person ill only shoot it at my sisters eye! lol
i shot at my stupid neighbors!
"OUR HOUNDS WILL TEAR ZEM TO SHREDS!!11" (only funny if you play(ed) cod waw). Pretty nice, I think i'll have a go at one too. With my patented (not really xD) mag system.
smithinator6 years ago
how far does it shoot
hey you do alot of good guns.. you should do the ppsh 41 again and the M16A4 both good locking good guns. make the instructions for thm., tht would be cool.. :)
opyl5 years ago
hey ive just finished it.. how deos it shoot.?~
i made it half a year ago and i like it but i stick a grey rod with a nerf dart on the tip
spijk8605 years ago
you got really nice guns like this
what does it shoot
green rods
i like it except for the triger no offense to the dunkis but i never liked tape
Is it OK if I mod this into an Agram 2000?
thebair5 years ago
Im making it when I get more knex.
DrWeird1177 years ago
what is that piece after the 5th white connector?
Trauts (author)  DrWeird1177 years ago
It is a black piece that looks like a chopped off grey connector
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