Picture of Knex MP44 (Stg44) German WWII Assault rifle
OK well One day I was over on some guy's instructable for an AK47 and after awhile I decided I'd try to make one with a working magezine. After some time toying with it for a couple days it finally turned into an Stg44. I wass able to modify the rubberband firing system by bedbugg2 so that it could fire full auto without losing the single shot option and the risk of bursts.
It does have full auto but it is too fast to use with ammo and fires in a big burst of rubberbands so can someone please help me in modding it to slow down to a more "controlled rate" as in that it always fires at the same speed not unpredictable.
Edit: dsman has been working on a crank for this mechanism so that you should be able to fire full auto in technical terms without having the big burst. I'm hoping to make a new gun with this system that will hopefully be more power efficient and accurate as well as cool looking.

I'm starting my new campaign for seeing who the best knexers are by seeing who is willing to add this list so please do the same with your Instructables or feel the shame of not being honest...yup whether you think so or not you aren't going crazy it's your conscience that's bothering you so post this exact same thing (or slightly modified paragraph) so that it may spread.
Started by TheDunkis

-Big burst option
-Large magazine
-True trigger I guess

-Needs 1 rubberband per bullet
-Last round will always jam
-Rubberband mech and stock we copied and modified from originals
-Rubberbands may not catch ammo and jam
-Full auto does not work properly and so can only be used as a big burst for rubberbands only
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dynno974 years ago
Feel like a total a-hole looking back at those comments from 09'. Now that I look at it in 11'. This was a great gun and I was just so full on ego-mode that I didn't realize that this was better than mine in many ways.
TheDunkis (author)  dynno974 years ago
It's the cycle of K'nexing. You make something and you'll have so much pride in it that you overrate it. Then you make better things and realize just how crappy your last projects were. This Stg wasn't the greatest gun but I loved it when I first posted it. I was pretty competitive before, now I just don't care about what feedback my guns get or who else is making what. In fact, I just don't have time to K'nex much anymore.
Agreed. But I bet you enjoyed watching me rage way back when :P.
TheDunkis (author)  dynno973 years ago
Eh, DJ was more fun to watch and troll. He still is actually.
Reiben6 years ago

flag comment as SPAM! SPAM! HAM! no, not ham, SPAM!!!
It doesn't shoot. Don't spam. And, now that I saw that I decided to show mine lol:
I like Reiben's better for some reason... It seems to be the most realistic despite it being skeletony.
my m16 is better
TheDunkis (author)  Reiben6 years ago
and? I've made one too. Check out my forum topic by clicking on my name and scrolling down. You'll tell by the title. Does yours even work?
no, its just a modle
tahirhh Reiben6 years ago
check out my working AK-47
dynno97 Reiben6 years ago
Looks like M4 carbine!
dansdoc4 years ago
smithinator5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
no ur not
i didnt chalenge you.........yours is good
 Nah I was reffering to thedunkis, hes sooooooo competative :P But that makes him cool.
TheDunkis (author)  dynno975 years ago
I just hate the egotistic guys like you who would otherwise get away with their ego boost if someone didn't come along and crush it like I should have.
 Like ur so perfect either, you turn everything I say into a competition, you always make me look like the bad guy, and ur being hypocritical with that statement! "You can already see it was going to be better." I was only stating a fact that my STG44 was the highest rated. But whatever. :P
TheDunkis (author)  dynno975 years ago
Dude you bragged about your Stg so much almost every where and not just to me. I've seen guys exactly like you and they get med POed so much. I try preventing them when I can but so far they all seem to be too stubborn to even bother talking to.
 Ur totally right, because its kinda like... HUMAN NATURE TO BRAG ABOUT THINGS! I can admit that I ain't perfect and go overboard sometimes but, we ain't perfect! And we ain't causing anyone harm (NOT EVEN MENTAL HARM). So the best thing for YOU to do is accept that everyone is different and try not to CHANGE people just for your standards. (PS I dun get madz on da interwebz, it juzt amusez me when people dun get it)
Cheezpaper4 years ago
Why did I find this on the wii part of Play?
TheDunkis (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
I probably mentioned somewhere that I was inspired to build this after playing CoD3 for Wii
Red-Dragon5 years ago
This gun is so NOT beautiful
 Its his first so itz pretty good for a first attempt.
TheDunkis (author)  Red-Dragon5 years ago
Why don't you go and tell that on everyone else's first posted gun. Most aren't after all. I started making a better one but ran out of pieces.
morgan12105 years ago
do u hav to hav the front bit
smithinator5 years ago
what i ment to say was it doesnt look like one but now that i know that it fire rubber bands i guess its decent.
bounty10125 years ago
Better instructions plawx?
that looks terrible you should make my frends uzi he got off me
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
it is mp43 (stg44), not what you put
(removed by author or community request)
whats your problem, its just a small correction!
The STG44 is actually MP44 not MP43. I'm not having a go but I'm just saying.
it actually is both, at different times it was designated differently (Hitler didnt like it at first, so the renamed it, but when it was given his blessing, it was renamed STg 44 as the final name)
TheDunkis (author)  Millawi Legend5 years ago
You revived an old post. Congragulations. Must I I prove every single one of you wrong by tellng the history of this weapon? The Nazi Germans were thinking about an intermidiate round gun though Hitler never really cared for the idea. So it basically went that they named it the MP43 (the year the first design was first finished) and later MP44 to disguise it as a sub-machine gun. Later the gun was demonstrated to Hitler and he approved of it this time, officially naming it the Stg44 which basically meant assault rifle (of 1944).
...and apparently I do because I made a correction
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