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Introduction: Knex MP5

About: Hey, my name is Matt, and i am well known as G-train. That sums up my life pretty much. IF YOU WANT ANY GUNS U WANT ME TO MAKE JUST LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!! I want to make a AK 47 bullpup (mag behind handl...

This is my NOT FINISHED MP5. It took me about half-an-hour to make. i stopped making it cause i couldnt be stuffed with it anymore and i had a feeling it was gonna shoot bad. oh well. i also broke it so i could work on my Knex Intervention. Anyway i hope ya like it.

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    Could you try to make it again and possibly post instructions...I'm pretty sure that most of the public cannot build by pictures, and they would all be very grateful for instructions. It truly is a great gun.

    nice, it looks like the one from cod black ops

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    1st= his mp5
    2nd= mp5k prototype as used in black ops
    black ops version has no stock, a strange foregrip and and a straighter mag.


    POST INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if this took you half an hour how long will it take you to build a rocket launcher?

    awwwww! i was gonna make an intervention. oh well, wish u good luck. an intervention would be awesome!

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    i stopped making it so u can make one, lol

    Doesn't anybody these days finish what they start?

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    not me, i've made about, 12 guns that i haven't posted, but i finally posted one i made!

     Haha. You wouldn't believe how many project I make, see they fire poorly, and I don't work out the bugs. I only finished my three pistols, and my crossbow.

    guess wat. i made the mp5 especially for u since u asked. sorry i didnt finish

    I just wish people would use the "submit an instructable" button more than the slideshow.

    You don't know how hard it is to make a big knex instructable.