plzzz post it :( nice work btw 5*
Thanks!<br> Look at my profile next time please! (I already did!)<br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/MP5K/">https://www.instructables.com/id/MP5K/</a><br>
it was is not that good 3.5 stars
&nbsp;Dont want to sound pushy or nothing but; When do you plan on posting it? Do the world a favor. Give them an awesome lightweight SMG already :D
I'm working on the instructable right now. It's about half done.<br />
Did you ever consider trying to make a retractable stock or a triangular one at all?
I've tried the stock that flips out. It failed. I might try the retractable one sometime.<br />
&nbsp;post the mw2 one :D
I'll take it into consideration.<br />
now youve changed<br /> <br /> im definiatly not gonna win<br /> :(<br />
You had no chance from the start you call that a m9 i call that a disgrace to the the gun.<br />
what me?<br />
No megametal the gun he made looks nothing like a m92fs<br />
I saw it.... I agree.<br />
Its a sad replica(so to speak).<br />
yup<br />
and ur the best knexer are ya?!<br /> <br /> thats what it sounds like ur saying<br />
How does that make me sound like im the the best knexer ever. What you made wasnt even a replica it was a pistol that looks nothing like a m92fs bereta 9mm<br />
I know, I&nbsp;keep changing it. Thanks<br />
way better!<br />
Yeah. Thanks<br />
no problem!<br />
i like the old one better<br />
Okay. Well this is the MW2 version. Both will be posted.<br />
okie<br />
I might. I think I'll make a poll.<br />
I hate the MW2 version. &nbsp;Just post the real life version.<br />
Enter the Mw2 one. It actully looks better! :D<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> P.S. Save knex gun bulider!!! I think he may leave!
I know! I'm mad. I&nbsp; pm'd him about the p90 so I&nbsp;can maybe get instructions.<br /> And alright!<br />
Mad at me?
no, him.<br />
I liked the real life version better than the MW2 version. &nbsp;<br />
yeah me too. But if I'm supposed to make this for the contest.... I guess I'll make it. Both versions will be posted.<br />
I will accept it! The barrel is the only thing different. :D
No its not.<br />
Oh well but I will let you! :)
Okay, well I'm working on a modern warfare 2 version with a little barrax help. I'll let you choose which one you want me to enter.<br />
COOL!<br />
epic replica! 5*<br />
Thanks!<br />
no problem!<br />
this is actually pretty good...<br /> <br /> although you should know that the Model used in Modern warfare 2 is completely different to the real life MP5K.<br /> <br /> if the judge is judging the models by how close they are to their MW2 counterparts, then he might down grade it if that is the case...<br /> <br /> but definately the best MP5K yet...<br /> <br /> when is the instructable ?<br />
If anything he should get bonus points for using the real life version instead of the one in the game that was inspired from the real life version.<br />
<p>What I maent to say! :D</p>
That's what I would say too. I looked online at what guns are in the game, found this, and used Google images to find the mp5k.<br />
So I&nbsp;would need to add rails on the sides and top. I have a second one built with top rails already on it. I&nbsp;need to add a charging handle of some kind too. Yeah it is different. I'm asking him.<br />
also... i know that adding as many attachments for it from the game would earn you extra points..<br /> <br /> <br /> and add a folding stock (not seen in MW2)<br />
its not just that...<br /> <br /> look at this site for more detail...<br /> <a href="http://www.themodernwarfare2.com/mw2/multiplayer/weapons/sub-machine-guns/mp5k/" rel="nofollow"><br /> http://www.themodernwarfare2.com/mw2/multiplayer/weapons/sub-machine-guns/mp5k/</a><br /> <br /> <br />
Thats true... I'll go ask him about which one he is judging off of. And it should be out by the time the contest is finished.<br />

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