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Introduction: Knex MP5K

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     Dont want to sound pushy or nothing but; When do you plan on posting it? Do the world a favor. Give them an awesome lightweight SMG already :D

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    I'm working on the instructable right now. It's about half done.

    Did you ever consider trying to make a retractable stock or a triangular one at all?

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    I've tried the stock that flips out. It failed. I might try the retractable one sometime.

    You had no chance from the start you call that a m9 i call that a disgrace to the the gun.

    No megametal the gun he made looks nothing like a m92fs

    and ur the best knexer are ya?!

    thats what it sounds like ur saying

    How does that make me sound like im the the best knexer ever. What you made wasnt even a replica it was a pistol that looks nothing like a m92fs bereta 9mm