My Knex version of the MP5K, good range, good looks.
But it has been gone a week ago or something.

With a cool lazer :)
Threat gun!
Hey your gun looks pretty similar to mine... Oh wait they are a replica of the same gun ;)
I prefer mahmel's MP5
mahmels is better, but they both look great! <br>
HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't get menstrual on my account kid
me too
Well that's encouraging.....
sorry i just like the handle angle better
Well you could use my gun with his handle... That would be interesting.
Yours looks blocky-er
Mine looks like the gun does.
Wow.. That hurts...<br>jk ;) I guess it's a matter of preference.
Hahaha lol ;D but yours got a front handle, I couldn't get a good one. And yours is a bit fatter, the middle part.<br>But I got a lazerr :P<br>
Yeah... But mine was built by me ;)
You are a good builder too.
His handle has a more realistic angle.
Yup. But mine is a better size.
r there any instructions for it i need it to go with my barrett that u made
u should post instructions
How far does it shoot and does it jam easily?
About 30 feet. No, it worked very good
u shuld post instructions it looks pretty cool <br>
PLEASE POST INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I'm rebuilding it today, and maybe post it.<br>But I'm going to do my new assault rifle first.
Ok thanks, i'm looking forward to building this
Ye I'm halway rebuilding it but can't you make it from the pictures? It ain't very hard.<br>
Yeah i can but i don't now whats on the inside. Are you posting instructions?
hmhhmhmhm what about posting sum pics of the internals? This weekend. I promise. ok?
Alright sounds good. I started to build an M60 LMG on Wednesday and its almost done. I just need to add a little bit to the stock and I'll be done. I will post a picture of it this weekend. It has a fake chain but to load it you have to lift up the latch that the chain on the real gun feeds into and then put a blue rod in the chamber, then slam it down and ready to fire. I found a way for the latch to stay in place in up position when you lift it up and in down position. It's pretty cool and i think I will post instructions if enough people want them from when i post the picture.
Yeah, it does sound pretty awesome:D And if it's works good and looks good, yeah, why not posting an instructable? And btw I'm making the internals right now:)
Ok but i might not be able to build the mp5k yet because i used most of my pieces on the M60.
doesn't really look like a mp5k but close
Mwoah the only thing the mid part isn't fat enough and the iron sights but the rest is very close in my opinion..<br>But please tell, what ain't close to it?:)
im not syaing its bad. its really good. the things that aren't really real are is that the sight is to big, u don't have a fore grip, and the thinger ma jinger in the back is to big...not to argue and say its bad but. but it is really good. this is just in my opinion.
Ah okay sorry if you tuaght I was thinking you saying it's bad. I just asked for the things that could be better. And I agree with you
looks very realistic!
this is pwn please post.<br>
I'll remake and post instructions, but first I'm gonna make instructions for my Barret. This time I promise it, I'll post instructions for these guns :D
sweet thanks<br><br>

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