Picture of Knex MP5K
My Knex version of the MP5K, good range, good looks.
But it has been gone a week ago or something.

With a cool lazer :)
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Threat gun!
Hey your gun looks pretty similar to mine... Oh wait they are a replica of the same gun ;)
I prefer mahmel's MP5
HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't get menstrual on my account kid
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Are you 8 or something? The exclamation marks, grammar and capital letters are giving you away.
nope im 13 you just dont understand sarcasm when you hear it... (or see it...)
and about grammer... man everything doesnt have to be spelt perfect, Something tells me you dont like Video Games...
nerrrrd actually im 13 too but i dont do that
how exactly "nerrrrd"? and I'm 14...
Sarcasm can only be told with hearing, eg. Good job & Good job. Please tell me which one of those was sarcastic. Video games are entirely irrelevant
umm is the 2nd one is sarcasm?
Both actually, I'm surprised at you Sonic. I thought you could understand sarcasm but I guess that is the internet
DANGIT!!! my brother got access to my account... everything that "I" said wasnt me that was my bro
My brother does that too.
mahmel (author)  TwistedParadox3 years ago
HAHAHAHA killer' comment. I agree so much with you haha
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No actually now i am 14
mahmels is better, but they both look great!
me too
Well that's encouraging.....
sorry i just like the handle angle better
Well you could use my gun with his handle... That would be interesting.
Yours looks blocky-er
Mine looks like the gun does.
Wow.. That hurts...
jk ;) I guess it's a matter of preference.
Photo on 2011-08-19 at 17.30.jpg
mahmel (author)  shadowninja314 years ago
Hahaha lol ;D but yours got a front handle, I couldn't get a good one. And yours is a bit fatter, the middle part.
But I got a lazerr :P
Yeah... But mine was built by me ;)
mahmel (author)  shadowninja314 years ago
You are a good builder too.
His handle has a more realistic angle.
Yup. But mine is a better size.
r there any instructions for it i need it to go with my barrett that u made
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