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hey guys this is my knex MP5K that shoots blue or yellow rods.


comfortable handle

has sight that can be hidden

can shoot yellow or blue rods

very accurate



isn't mag fed

you have to load the gun through the barrel

Step 1: Frame and Internals

Picture of Frame and Internals

Step 2: Handle and Fake Mag

Picture of Handle and Fake Mag

Step 3: Trigger, Firing Pin and the Sight

Picture of Trigger, Firing Pin and the Sight

Step 4: Attaching Everything

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Step 5: DONE!!!

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Element Force (author)2017-06-12

getting better and better good :)


Dude826Dude (author)2017-06-05


dynamite_kid (author)Dude826Dude2017-06-05

what did u think

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Bio: I 13 years old and I love knex and rc car modifing. I am from Scotland and my birth day is on 17th November
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