Knex MP5j




Introduction: Knex MP5j

About: i make models of stuff time to time, never make anything that shoots as i cant. need gun ideas, got any? wont make in order. Guns to Make: Barrett .50Cal. (maybe) Guns Made: MP5j. M4 Carbine. M1 Garand. M...

MP5j with attachable for grip and 20mm rail mount + small red dot scope, removable mag with charing handle.



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    I have seen every mp5 tbat Heckler and Koch have made and there was no mp5 j

    played cod4? its that one, MP5j is the MP5 with retractable stock

    Yeah please don't get gun info from CoD, actually do your research because it reflects badly on all of us.

    i dont, just the MP5j is in cod4, but its only called an MP5 when there are loads of types, like when you put a suppressor on it it becomes an MP5j-SD. i dont know much about guns, but i dont get my knowledge from any games.

    Ok, well there's no point changing the name of a gun because you attach a silencer to it. It's like changing the name of an M4 every time a SOPMod is attached.

    i know, but its called a MP5j as the german company named it.

    There has never been a "J" designation for any of the MP5 variants. The "German Company" you speak of is properly referred to as Heckler and Koch, and they have designated their MP5 line as follows: MP5, MP5A2, MP5A3, MP5A4, MP5A5, MP5K, MP5KA1, MP5KA4, MP5KA5, MP5K-PDW, MP5SD1, MP5SD2, MP5SD3, MP5SD4, MP5SD5, MP5SD6, MP5/10, and MP5/40. Let me know if you see a "J" designation anywhere in that list.

    you missed one, MP5J, google it.

    Unless you are talking about Airsoft "Guns" (I know I am not,) you are incorrect. This is a Google page of the "MP5J", as you can see (if you trouble yourself to search for it, or even click the link,) they are all Airsoft "Guns" save for this Instructable, which is on the second search page.

    good for you, you know how to use google.

    I take it you are being sarcastic, which is understandable, most people don't appreciate being proven wrong.

    i dont mid being proven wrong, i have very little knowledge about guns or there name, just i thought this was the "J" variant that H&K made as i know it from airsoft, never once did i say it is the offical name.

    "I know, but it's called an MP5J as the "German Company" named it", this was a (mostly) direct quote from you, saying that Heckler and Koch designated it as such meant you assumed it was an official name. Splitting hairs never got anyone anywhere.

    hmm, someone has far to much to do with there time dont you..

    right ok, im going to leave you to correct everyone els creations.

    Because video games are totally an excellent source of information.

    nice modle.