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Introduction: K'nex MP7A1

About: I'm an intermediate knexer who builds replica guns and performance guns. If you would like me to make a replica of a gun, just ask. If you would like me to build your gun and review it, just ask. My gamertag...

This is my newest project. tell me what you think.

mag cap:20
power: Idk
range: I got 20 feet
ammo type: grey connectors
trigger type: true

Step 1: Stock

Figure it out.

Step 2: Everything Else

Figure it out.

Step 3: Shooting

Load some grey connectors in the mag, pull back the charging handle, and pull the trigger! I got it to shoot 20 feet with my bands. OMG!11!!! U GETZUZ A COOKIE!!11!1!!!!1!



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    Great gun! I made one on my own, and this looks almost exactly like it! Kinda funny...but, my doesn't shoot...*is sad*

    can you please put on propper full instructions as i am new to knex and really want to make this

    AGH its horrible wif grip up, but wif grip down :)

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    your makeing me so hungry man

    Yeah thomas, your right, but the handel is not curved in real :-)

    2 replies

    No, it isn't, but the magazine is.

    and why should i care about that!!

    I might build this and then compare it to my old airsoft mp7. You *might* see a size comparison soon.

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    Sweet! Can't wait!

    I've got some other stuff right now. I might get to it over thanksgiving break.

    yo mate, please put the pictures in a better order and add a few image annotations. I really wanna build this gun, but with poor intsructions...

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    Hmmm..... I could rebuild it from this. You should be able to do this too. If you want, I'll add you as a collaborator and you can move stuff around.

    that'd be good, but right now i haven't the time to make any changes

    Sure, i'll see if I can make it better


    i really wanted to make this, but i found it too hard. im not going to ask for better/more pics though because i make a gun then it goes to making another one