K'nex M.P.A S (Multi Purpose Assualt System)

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Introduction: K'nex M.P.A S (Multi Purpose Assualt System)

This is my latest K'NEX project the M.P.A.S. It features a detachable front end and stock as well as removable magazines and a adustable foregrip.

Step 1: Barrel

Step 2: Handle

Step 3: Mag and Firing Pin

Step 4: Other Sections

Step 5: Assembly

Step 6: Use




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Sorry dude, but this is plain bad. It's super flimsy and can be destroyed easyly.

I modified this gun to shoot blue rods and i cant find a mag to load it correctly do you have any suggestions?

try my mag. go on my home page. it's an instructable

Why is the end 'sposed to tilt up? It is unusual.

Along with what it says below, the tilt of the gun makes it shoot farther.

That add-on doesn't even seem to be part of any controlling barrel. Besides, it would not make it shoot farther, hitting the bump would slow down the projectile.

Oh ok. I forget the name of it, but it was __________'s Sniper Pistol. It was the large one. He made it tilt up at the end so that it shot farther.

that doesn't do any more than pointing the gun upwards does.

True. And the sight is bogus too if you do that.

it does nothing just makes it remove easyer!!!!