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Introduction: K'nex Mace

About: I am a mostly person who lives on his pc. some dasy i will be on a pc games or guild wars. and others i will be checking out new instructables here.

This is quite simply a lite weight mace. it is stringer than most on the site. I hope everyone likes it.

Step 1: Handle

Make the handle.

Step 2: Handle

Add this.

Step 3: Blades

Make 8 of these.

Step 4: Connect

Put them on to the handle .

Step 5: Done




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    21 Discussions

    quite a bit like diao chan's mace on dynasty warriors 5 empires! (diao chan is a name from 184 AD in china)

    there are fat people on the tv screen. nice mace. if i had knex peices id soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo build it... <<>> . . ()

    To be honest, this is actually a nice idea. I would have never thought of THIS design. +1 rating, I might try this out.

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    make bigger, and when i make my ginormous 5 lb maces, i like putting spikes on them so that they shatter everywhere and i loose peices. has anyone seen my bow? i lost it a week ago. ps. i dont think this is big enough to be qualified as a weapon lolza

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    For jugglers, i just made three with bigger handle and better durablity. Knex makes cheap and good clubs to juggle with. FYI juggling clubs are like 20 dallors each... and you need 3!

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