Hi, this is my knex machine gun, (although its technically a chain gun). It has very long range for a machine gun but is inaccurate as the chain swings. If you don have this exact motor it is very easy to modify this gun to take a different one. Thanks to knex21, from whom I modified this larger and more powerful version of his chain gun.

Very long range (30 ft aprox)
Simple to make
Reasonably comfortable to hold

Chain requires lots of pieces
<p>post how to build it plz </p>
<p>plz post how to build it</p>
You know those crank knex machine guns?Just put a trigger in place of the crank and you have a smg that fires in bursts. <br>
Nice, but if you have more pieces I would suggest to make the body look stronger and more filled up. The chain looks great!

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