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I wasn't planning to post this so soon, Because i was going to wait for KILLERK's MG. But i thought it would be cool to show you people my biggest baddest gun early =P Merry Christmas!
It uses a bullet-type design i made 4 years ago and i put them all on a chain; so it can shoot as many times as you want, it just takes a while to make more bullets. The one i made shoots about 30 Ft at 10 shots per second and has 40 "bullets" on its chain.

Sorry i don't have detailed instructions. =(

Step 1: The Bullets, Chain, and Gun.

Picture of The Bullets, Chain, and Gun.

1. Here's a picture of one bullet. (unloaded)

2. A picture with the chain off the gun and the gun next to it. (Sorry it's so dark)

3. A front view of the gun

Okay to build the bullet you need:
3 blue rods
1 green rod
1 red connector
1 light grey connector
1 black connector / grey connector
1 chain link
5 grey connectors

From my picture, there is only one piece you can't see, and that's a blue rod. And basically everything is connected to it how it shows on the picture.

Step 2: Loaded

Picture of Loaded

Here's a very bright close-up of it all loaded and on the gun.

Step 3: Video

Here's a video of me loading and shooting it =)


ProtectTheAlphaWolf (author)2016-06-25

Great work on the mech!

DEID12 (author)2015-05-11

must be like so many knexs dont have dat much but i did make a knex flame thrower sadly melted all my knexs

crestind (author)2013-02-24

A trip down memory lane. I can't believe this was over 6 years ago...

oodalumps (author)crestind2013-02-26

It sure was easy to innovate and impress people back then.

crestind (author)oodalumps2013-02-27

Yeah no joke. It's call come a long way. Do you still mess with K'nex at all? I haven't touched mine in ages, between work and work.

oodalumps (author)crestind2013-02-27

Haven't made anything in a long time. I have some ideas, but no motivation to build them.

crestind (author)crestind2013-02-24

I'm aging...Pretty soon I'll be worm food.

knextank (author)2012-08-05

it's possible to fire multiple rods only using one rubberband. I found out that attaching a small very ferris wheel (white rods on a part with 8 openings) makes it possible to let the trigger move as many times as you want, only disadvantage is that most motors only have enough power to fire a green or white rod about 10" away.

Atalung (author)knextank2013-02-08

It would be bigger and slower but you could use a set of gears to increase the power, but as mentioned it would be slower.

knexboy586 (author)2012-09-26

how many chain links do u need

death987 (author)2012-01-29

i would make one but i lost all my knex pieces

Dashadower (author)2011-11-14

Is this the one on youtube where this guy shoots it against a wall?

oodalumps (author)Dashadower2011-11-13

If you're talking about the one with 1,000,000+ views, then this is it. But I wasn't shooting it at a wall in the video.

super knex builder (author)2011-08-01

plz make better intstructions, I can't find a good one, plz

deviant (author)2007-04-18

whats under the bullits i cant make em\

fries123 (author)deviant2011-07-26

more bullets

mberg (author)2011-05-28

is this gun from utube because if it is. iv'e wanted to build this so bad!! (sadly i don't have that motor)

oodalumps (author)mberg2011-05-28

It is the same gun.

mberg (author)oodalumps2011-05-28

nice! its so fast!

slipdiddy101 (author)2010-11-11

I'm thinkin' of buildin' one......

slipdiddy101 (author)2010-11-11

plz post vid!

An Villain (author)2010-04-06

10 RPS?

prodo123 (author)An Villain2010-05-30

It's because the chain is really really light, compared to the K'nexecutioner 2.11 (The chain weighs more than the gun :P)

An Villain (author)prodo1232010-06-01

Not technically true, as the Knexecutioner 2.11 is a very light weapon without the chain, and also the chain has a much higher rotational inertia than the chain on this gun, also that chain is completely secured while this chain can flop around a lot. But I seriously doubt this weapon achieves 10 rounds per second.

Nyanman (author)2007-01-29

guns with belt feed are cool.

Kaiven (author)Nyanman2007-04-03

HEY!!!! your picture is a bugbear! do you play KoL too??????!!!!!

Nyanman (author)Kaiven2007-07-30

yes, i do play KOL. character is Q branch.

uberrobodude (author)Nyanman2010-05-24


CrazyCHRIS!! (author)Nyanman2007-10-06

soon im gonna make an LMG with a belt feed on the side

smidge147 (author)Nyanman2007-09-29

nah there not dude they take ages to reload! a single shot sniper would be way more effective than this. i see this gun as a novelty

Spycrab (author)2010-02-08

nice bely
nice shirt
nice gun
COOL :D 5*

Acepilot42 (author)2009-12-14

i like ponies

Sandy44444 (author)2009-08-31

sombody tell me what "oodammo" is

oodalumps (author)Sandy444442009-08-31

White rod with a red connector on the end.

Sandy44444 (author)oodalumps2009-09-01


Pizzapie500 (author)Sandy444442009-09-02

Is oodammo made my oodalumps? Or did someone just name it that?

DJ Radio (author)Pizzapie5002009-11-04

It wasn't actually made by oodalumps, but he discovered its accuracy and its superior performance.

cool bas3 (author)Pizzapie5002009-10-04


Pizzapie500 (author)cool bas32009-10-05

That took a while, i figured it out already

Raiden97 (author)2009-05-16

my friend has my chain that was like 10 feet long and he lost it

barrett50cal (author)Raiden972009-05-18

how do u lose something that is ten feet long?

An Villain (author)barrett50cal2009-07-02

maybe it was stolen.

barrett50cal (author)An Villain2009-07-02

that comment was several months late...

An Villain (author)barrett50cal2009-07-03

but at least it is here now.

barrett50cal (author)An Villain2009-07-03

(no comment)

An Villain (author)barrett50cal2009-07-03

(removed by community request or something else.)

barrett50cal (author)An Villain2009-07-03

(still no comment)

An Villain (author)barrett50cal2009-07-03

(Still no comment?)

barrett50cal (author)An Villain2009-07-04


An Villain (author)barrett50cal2009-07-04


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