Knex Machine Gun





Introduction: Knex Machine Gun

I wasn't planning to post this so soon, Because i was going to wait for KILLERK's MG. But i thought it would be cool to show you people my biggest baddest gun early =P Merry Christmas!
It uses a bullet-type design i made 4 years ago and i put them all on a chain; so it can shoot as many times as you want, it just takes a while to make more bullets. The one i made shoots about 30 Ft at 10 shots per second and has 40 "bullets" on its chain.

Sorry i don't have detailed instructions. =(

Step 1: The Bullets, Chain, and Gun.

1. Here's a picture of one bullet. (unloaded)

2. A picture with the chain off the gun and the gun next to it. (Sorry it's so dark)

3. A front view of the gun

Okay to build the bullet you need:
3 blue rods
1 green rod
1 red connector
1 light grey connector
1 black connector / grey connector
1 chain link
5 grey connectors

From my picture, there is only one piece you can't see, and that's a blue rod. And basically everything is connected to it how it shows on the picture.

Step 2: Loaded

Here's a very bright close-up of it all loaded and on the gun.

Step 3: Video

Here's a video of me loading and shooting it =)



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must be like so many knexs dont have dat much but i did make a knex flame thrower sadly melted all my knexs

A trip down memory lane. I can't believe this was over 6 years ago...

It sure was easy to innovate and impress people back then.

Yeah no joke. It's call come a long way. Do you still mess with K'nex at all? I haven't touched mine in ages, between work and work.

Haven't made anything in a long time. I have some ideas, but no motivation to build them.

I'm aging...Pretty soon I'll be worm food.

it's possible to fire multiple rods only using one rubberband. I found out that attaching a small very ferris wheel (white rods on a part with 8 openings) makes it possible to let the trigger move as many times as you want, only disadvantage is that most motors only have enough power to fire a green or white rod about 10" away.

It would be bigger and slower but you could use a set of gears to increase the power, but as mentioned it would be slower.

how many chain links do u need