Picture of Knex Machine Gun
I wasn't planning to post this so soon, Because i was going to wait for KILLERK's MG. But i thought it would be cool to show you people my biggest baddest gun early =P Merry Christmas!
It uses a bullet-type design i made 4 years ago and i put them all on a chain; so it can shoot as many times as you want, it just takes a while to make more bullets. The one i made shoots about 30 Ft at 10 shots per second and has 40 "bullets" on its chain.

Sorry i don't have detailed instructions. =(

Step 1: The bullets, chain, and gun.

Picture of The bullets, chain, and gun.
1. Here's a picture of one bullet. (unloaded)

2. A picture with the chain off the gun and the gun next to it. (Sorry it's so dark)

3. A front view of the gun

Okay to build the bullet you need:
3 blue rods
1 green rod
1 red connector
1 light grey connector
1 black connector / grey connector
1 chain link
5 grey connectors

From my picture, there is only one piece you can't see, and that's a blue rod. And basically everything is connected to it how it shows on the picture.
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DEID123 months ago

must be like so many knexs dont have dat much but i did make a knex flame thrower sadly melted all my knexs

crestind2 years ago
A trip down memory lane. I can't believe this was over 6 years ago...
oodalumps (author)  crestind2 years ago
It sure was easy to innovate and impress people back then.
Yeah no joke. It's call come a long way. Do you still mess with K'nex at all? I haven't touched mine in ages, between work and work.
oodalumps (author)  crestind2 years ago
Haven't made anything in a long time. I have some ideas, but no motivation to build them.
I'm aging...Pretty soon I'll be worm food.
knextank3 years ago
it's possible to fire multiple rods only using one rubberband. I found out that attaching a small very ferris wheel (white rods on a part with 8 openings) makes it possible to let the trigger move as many times as you want, only disadvantage is that most motors only have enough power to fire a green or white rod about 10" away.
It would be bigger and slower but you could use a set of gears to increase the power, but as mentioned it would be slower.
knexboy5862 years ago
how many chain links do u need
death9873 years ago
i would make one but i lost all my knex pieces
Dashadower3 years ago
Is this the one on youtube where this guy shoots it against a wall?
oodalumps (author)  Dashadower3 years ago
If you're talking about the one with 1,000,000+ views, then this is it. But I wasn't shooting it at a wall in the video.
plz make better intstructions, I can't find a good one, plz
deviant8 years ago
whats under the bullits i cant make em\
more bullets
mberg4 years ago
is this gun from utube because if it is. iv'e wanted to build this so bad!! (sadly i don't have that motor)
oodalumps (author)  mberg4 years ago
It is the same gun.
mberg oodalumps4 years ago
nice! its so fast!
I'm thinkin' of buildin' one......
plz post vid!
An Villain5 years ago
10 RPS?
It's because the chain is really really light, compared to the K'nexecutioner 2.11 (The chain weighs more than the gun :P)
Not technically true, as the Knexecutioner 2.11 is a very light weapon without the chain, and also the chain has a much higher rotational inertia than the chain on this gun, also that chain is completely secured while this chain can flop around a lot. But I seriously doubt this weapon achieves 10 rounds per second.
Nyanman8 years ago
guns with belt feed are cool.
Kaiven Nyanman8 years ago
HEY!!!! your picture is a bugbear! do you play KoL too??????!!!!!
Nyanman Kaiven8 years ago
yes, i do play KOL. character is Q branch.
soon im gonna make an LMG with a belt feed on the side
nah there not dude they take ages to reload! a single shot sniper would be way more effective than this. i see this gun as a novelty
Spycrab5 years ago
nice bely
nice shirt
nice gun
COOL :D 5*
Acepilot425 years ago
i like ponies
Sandy444446 years ago
sombody tell me what "oodammo" is
oodalumps (author)  Sandy444446 years ago
White rod with a red connector on the end.
Is oodammo made my oodalumps? Or did someone just name it that?
It wasn't actually made by oodalumps, but he discovered its accuracy and its superior performance.
That took a while, i figured it out already
Raiden976 years ago
my friend has my chain that was like 10 feet long and he lost it
how do u lose something that is ten feet long?
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