Fires 3 gray connectors at a time from 3 magazines.
Uses no broken parts.


1-3: MFS2
4: kNeXFreeK's MFS
5-7: My original drawings.

Step 1: Handle

1: Build three of these.
2: Build this.
3: Gather these.
4: Attach as shown.

Step 2: Shell

1: Build two of these.

Step 3: Magazines

1: Build six of these.
2: Build four of these.
3: Gather two of these.
4: Assemble.
5: Add elastics as shown.

Step 4: Mags Pusher

1, 2: Build this.

Step 5: Barrel Ceiling

1: Build this.

Step 6: Back Section of the Barrel

1: Build this.

Step 7: Barrel Floor

1, 2: Build this.

Step 8: Trigger

1, 2: Build this.

Step 9: Firing Rod

1: Build this.
2: Add duct tape as shown.

Step 10: Assembly

Put everything together. You will still need to add additional pieces in this step. Observe the pictures carefully to find them. Attach elastics as shown.
<p>how did u get the pictures in that way</p>
<p>How do u load the magazine quickly when I put in ammo it turns to weird angles making it hard to load.</p><p>Great gun BTW. </p>
awsome lol first comment
i made the first comment on that step
What is the difference between the black rods and the grayish rod, are the black rods heavier or something
allow me to add more info. the grey rods are just plain plastic, which is quite easily bendable and breakable even. the black rods are a stronger type of plastic reinforced with internal fibers, causing for a much stronger piece. they are often used for rams in knex guns because they don't bend or break. they're more reliable than the normal grey rods.
They are sturdier and much harder to bend and break.
what is that black thing in the 2 pic
A Y-connector.
ok thanks
what program did you use for the pictures?<br>
are there supposed to be 2 green rods on the bottom row?
HELP! I did everything right but when I put the black rod thing in it wont go in PLEASE REPLY
You have attach the yellow connector that pulls it after you insert it if you didn't build it into the gun during assembly.<br />
do the bullets get caught inside the barrel and you have to take off the whole top to get it out like the last mgs?
No.<br />
u sure?&nbsp;cuz the last one got bullets stuck 1/2 times
&nbsp;Nice builded !! but how do you make those diagrams ???
On what poinst is it improved than MFS by knexfreek<br />
It's simpler, more comfortable, doesn't use cut parts, has a thinner mag, and the mag pusher won't break if you dry fire it.<br />
Ok, good, I think I'll build after posting my chair v2!<br />
<p>Chair V2? I builded you`r Chair,And that was awesome!</p>
v2 will be even better<br />
By the way, i really like the gun.&nbsp; 5*
Thanks.<br />
Why is my comment removed?
Oh ya, What's the range?
The video is up but isn't done processing.<br />
The same as the original. About 20 feet with gray connectors, more with socket connectors and green rods. The video will be up by tomorrow.<br />
This didn't show up on my new from members you've subscribed to!<br /> <br /> I want to build this soon! 5*<br />
OMFG when i take apart the sweet revenge apart (not gonna be a while ;)) I shall make this!<br />
lol i messed up with the words<br />
&quot;take apart the sweet revenge apart&quot;? Yeah, I saw that. :)<br />
&nbsp;Wonderful :) its exactly how i would make it if i made it now and days :)<br /> 5 stars!! would you include my hellsalyer?cause its a mfs too :) maybe just like in the tags or somthin :)
Thanks and no thanks. The funny thing is that I finished the improvements only a few days after you posted yours, lol. I horribly procrastinated on the instructable because I got stuck at the assembly step.<br />
&nbsp;lol LAZZZZZY!!!
Hehe.<br />
Incredible Looks. Can't wait to see how it works! 5 Stars

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