This is my modified version of kNeXFreek's Shotgun Pistol.


- No broken parts.
- Magazine is thinner.
- More comfortable.
- Trigger is simpler.
- More part efficient.
&nbsp;hmm... sorta funny, as it looks rather similar to my mockup, made around march in 2009... in no way did i try to copy your gun, and your gun seems by far superior... mine has two separate triggers and two separate magazines.<br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1BLkslPWfY
&nbsp;Are you gonna post this?
Yeah, after the Ultra Pistol 2 though.
&nbsp;ultra pistol 2?
Yeah, I've been working on it since I posted the first one, it's twice as easy to use and twice as dependable as the original. It's a killer single shot.
&nbsp;cool! maybe i should build the first one! you know what, i'm gonna build it right now!&nbsp;
I'd wait for the second one, but if you're going to build both, I'd love to hear what you think of the improvements.
&nbsp;ya know, thats a good idea!
sweet thanks, or I can download that program and make 3-d models and post them?&nbsp;
Yeah, you can do that, if you have a PC and know how to use Microsoft Paint, that works well too.
I have a mac-would that be a problem? &nbsp;I checked out the instructable where to download it and I'm having some &nbsp;some problems&nbsp;
What is this things range?
Knexfreek claims 40 feet, but that seems to be innacurate. It fires about&nbsp;25 feet. I added a new drawing to <em>Knex Concepts </em>that would add&nbsp;about 20&nbsp;feet of range to this however.
Dam, your lucky you can draw. &nbsp;I have a lot of ideas, but if I drew them out, they would look like crap. &nbsp;I have no drawing talent whatsoever&nbsp;
That's okay, if you go to my forum &quot;Your Knex Concepts&quot;, you can post rough drawings&nbsp;with written explanations. We can discuss them until I understand your ideas. Then, if I like them enough, I'll redraw them and put them on &quot;Knex Concepts&quot; giving you credit.
well i claim and i will prove it shoots 40 with the ammo i said to use, and 3 #64 rbs<br /> <br /> i made a vid but like always ibles wont let me upload it and youtube says it will take 7hrs and 30 somthin mins to uload my 2 minute vid<br />
Sounds like you have a&nbsp;poor internet connection. If you use wireless, try uploading closer to the network&nbsp;box.
&nbsp;It cant be wurser them my internet 128 kb/s
&nbsp;network box?<br /> when i upload to youtube i use my moms pc desktop computer that has full bars all the time<br /> <br /> basicly the closer you get to her computer the more bars you get, and i use hers to upload so, full bars.<br />
Whatever the range is, I think that ours both fire the same distance. I just eyeball the range though.
yea.. only as long as we both use the ammo i said to use
&nbsp;well i use a tape measure in my driveway
it is a shotgun range is not ment to be high.<br />
Yeah, but it could be with some work.
I bet your mods somehow mystically reduce the range, or maybe you use less bands.<br />
i only used 3<br /> no offence to oblivitus but my trigger is A TON better the way the ram goes through it allows for a frictionless pull and a frictionless RAm
That's not it, when I had my AP4, which uses the same firing setup, it fired the&nbsp;same distance.
Hm..................Strange. Oh well!
I agree with DJ.
<p>My avatar?</p>
&nbsp;gray<em> rods</em>?
I meant gray connectors, lol.
&nbsp;thats what i thought lol
&nbsp;fyi the green rod is hit by the ram not the black connector&nbsp;
<p>Okay, I won't be using that ammo, but I will test it for a range comparison.</p>
&nbsp;ok remember green rod is hit by ram not the black part
omg omg omg!!! NICE JOB i was gonna make my mag thinner today<br /> does &nbsp;it shoot farther than mine?<br /> by how much?<br /> <br /> its probably too much to ask for but could you add a ink at the bottom for my pistol?
Thanks, I don't think that it needs a link, because your gun shows up on the related bar anyway.
&nbsp;oh i didnt see that :)

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Bio: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014
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