K'nex Mag Fed Shotgun





Introduction: K'nex Mag Fed Shotgun

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

This is my modified version of kNeXFreek's Shotgun Pistol.


- No broken parts.
- Magazine is thinner.
- More comfortable.
- Trigger is simpler.
- More part efficient.



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     hmm... sorta funny, as it looks rather similar to my mockup, made around march in 2009... in no way did i try to copy your gun, and your gun seems by far superior... mine has two separate triggers and two separate magazines.

    Yeah, after the Ultra Pistol 2 though.

    Yeah, I've been working on it since I posted the first one, it's twice as easy to use and twice as dependable as the original. It's a killer single shot.

     cool! maybe i should build the first one! you know what, i'm gonna build it right now! 

    I'd wait for the second one, but if you're going to build both, I'd love to hear what you think of the improvements.

     ya know, thats a good idea!

    sweet thanks, or I can download that program and make 3-d models and post them? 

    2 replies

    Yeah, you can do that, if you have a PC and know how to use Microsoft Paint, that works well too.

    I have a mac-would that be a problem?  I checked out the instructable where to download it and I'm having some  some problems 

    Knexfreek claims 40 feet, but that seems to be innacurate. It fires about 25 feet. I added a new drawing to Knex Concepts that would add about 20 feet of range to this however.

    Dam, your lucky you can draw.  I have a lot of ideas, but if I drew them out, they would look like crap.  I have no drawing talent whatsoever 

    That's okay, if you go to my forum "Your Knex Concepts", you can post rough drawings with written explanations. We can discuss them until I understand your ideas. Then, if I like them enough, I'll redraw them and put them on "Knex Concepts" giving you credit.

    well i claim and i will prove it shoots 40 with the ammo i said to use, and 3 #64 rbs

    i made a vid but like always ibles wont let me upload it and youtube says it will take 7hrs and 30 somthin mins to uload my 2 minute vid

    Sounds like you have a poor internet connection. If you use wireless, try uploading closer to the network box.

     It cant be wurser them my internet 128 kb/s

     network box?
    when i upload to youtube i use my moms pc desktop computer that has full bars all the time

    basicly the closer you get to her computer the more bars you get, and i use hers to upload so, full bars.

    Whatever the range is, I think that ours both fire the same distance. I just eyeball the range though.