S-GDSP: K'nex Mag Fed Disk Shooter Pistol





Introduction: S-GDSP: K'nex Mag Fed Disk Shooter Pistol

Here it is, and hopefully a comeback from my first *ahem* crappy *ahem* pistol (which was removed- it was an embarrassment.). It shoots small wheels with very good power, and could be modified to take medium wheels. The mag holds 4 wheels, however it can be upgraded to about 8 if you cut some pieces up.
Pros & Cons time!

There are no other guns on Instructables like it.
good power
quite strong
Good as a sidearm

ugly looking
firing pin sometimes jams *FIXED*

Find instructions here! https://www.instructables.com/id/S-GDSP-Knex-Mag-fed-Disk-Shooter-pistol-INSTRUCT/

Here's a video to show you guys how this bad boy performs!

So, what do you guys think? Comment below!



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    That looks great! one of a kind gun. =D

    Thanks! Do you want me to post? of course, your vote counts as 50 because of your epicness!

    Np. go ahead, it seems pretty neat =D lol thanks.

    I think this a pretty neat gun. I see elements from the oodammo pistols like the tilting mag idea. It just looks like a fun gun to have/mod.

    Yeah, i based it on one i saw. so, i gotted better master?

    It's been done before, but this one's the best out so far. I think the mag could be stronger though. There's better ways to make the mag tilt than that.

    Where was it done before? And how would YOU tilt the mag? Let me know!

    Knex_pls made the first one. I'd probably make the mag tilt like on Dunkis's new oodammo guns. It's a lot sturdier that way.

    By 'the only one like it on the site', I did mean the only mag fed version. and I do agree that thedunkis's magazines are good, the one on this gun (5 hinges) is still pretty strong. Feel free to mod, though. (just gimme some yummy nomnom credit)