This is my first instructable, so plz comment and be nice.
This is a simple Knex Magazine that holds Blue rods, but cand easily be changed to fire different rods, and only lets one rod onto the track when you want it to.

Step 1: Parts

You will need:
8 small green'black rods
11 white/silver rods
4 metallic blue rods

10 orange/black connectors
8 yellow/grey "Half-Snowflake" connectors


This is how to make a blue rod magazine.

Step 2: Begin Construction

Build what is in the Pictrue!

Step 3: Keep Going

Put 2 white rods in the orange connectors and connect it to a side

Step 4: Almost There

Attach the other wall on the other side of the orange connectors.

Step 5: DONE! How to Use It

Now that your done (If not, look at the pic.) it is time to learn how to use it. (P.S. Connect it to a gun by the green rods on the bottom)
Step 1- Put blue rods in top(Duh...)
Step 2- to load them into the track, you move the Blue rod covered in orange connectors up, dropping 1 rod into the track.
Hope this helps you guys. L8R
thanks dude , you are the only person taht i can find a cool and working magazine. i modded it and made it hold x2 ammo. : )
Hey dude you need 10 green rods in stead of 8 and thanks thi really helped me with my gun that im going to post when its finshed
i did the same thing heres a pic
how did you make it
its good but i need to make one that loads the small green connectors
looks cool. i built a pistol with almost that exact same design except with a different handle and a stronger magazine.
can you post an Instructable on this?
it is a modded pistol by ownedintheface, with a better handle, and barrel.
lolwut, i commented on this 2 years ago
yeah sorry i did not see the date. but at least i gave you a decent answer.
na I destroyed the gun
That is a hopper, not a clip.
hoppers and magazines are different things. a hopper is a container that houses loose bullets. a magazine holds the bullets inside in a straight line.
I was under the impression that magazines were tension fed and hoppers are gravity fed, and that that is as far as the definition goes, quote the definitions from the internet if you want to prove me wrong because I have never looked them up.
thats what i ment.
Cool, Great minds think alike (I think... LOL)
can u make the gun please?
busterbobs magazine is great, works with no jams or anything, its prety srtaightforwards just from the pic he posted
not too good - pictures are very blurred but also it is VERY prone to jamming - the rods do not always drop from the lever system or only one end falls into the barrel, that and you should have some form of lid on the hopper to prevent them from falling out - i found when the gun was fired some had a tendency to "jump" out of the top of the magazine
I know, I added a pusher but never put it in the instructable.
Sorry To critisize, but this is very hard to understand, and the pictures are really blurry. And you should call the instructable, "Knex Gun with Magazine
Ummmm.... it's not that hard to understand, and yes, the pics are bad, My camera sucks. However, Why should I call it that?
it say's knex magazine when its really a knex <strong>gun</strong> with a <strong>magazine</strong><br/>
But, it is an instructable to build a magazine. The gun itself is only in a couple intro pictures.
true...very true
i built an awsome clip that doesn`t break and it never has jammed once its awsome
I think the other magazine Instructable is better.
Which one?

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