Knex Magpul FMG-9 (Foldable Machine Gun)




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Introduction: Knex Magpul FMG-9 (Foldable Machine Gun)

Oh yeah! Folding knex gun! Tell me what you think.



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    Not enough pieces to rebuild it probably

    post post post, post this or ill track u down!!!!!!!
    jk but seriously post this.

    Very nice job, you should post this cause i would love to build this, love this gun "5*"

    Very nice. Maybe post it?

    it is well good can you make instructions ??

    Post and does it have a mag?

    This looks like S0lekill3r's with a bunch of extra stuff attached to it.

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    what was that about two replicas of the same gun looking simalar?

    At this point FMG's are getting to not be replicas, but just folding knex guns.

    Actually, it doesn't look like Solekillers much at all.

    And to be honest, it looks kind of messy. A good attempt at a folding weapon, but not so pretty looking.

    I wanted to look at his but I can't find it. Can you post a link