K'nex Magpul PDR




Introduction: K'nex Magpul PDR

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Hello. This is the Magpul PDR (Personal Defence Rifle) that | Made. Let's look at the features:
- Looks good (IMO)
- Removable magazines
- Movable trigger
- Comfortable
- Moving charging handle
- Rail on top
- Textured stock

- The Dunkis, for his front grip.



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    https://www.instructables.com/id/Magpul-2/ :)

    I mostly build models 'cause I don't realy have a need for shooting guns myself. I put them in my stand in my bedroom, so I build them for looks.

    i don't get the point of you making these non shooting rifles. sure, they're good models, and sure the deagle was hard to make for shooting, but a full sized rifle should be easy enough... sorry, but i just don't get it. it's a very good model and replica, not saying it's not, but i don't understand the point.

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    I understand you. I make these models to put in my stand in my bedroom. I don't realy need shooting guns for myself. I sometimes try to make shooting guns. Most end up shooting not that good, or realy uninovative. So that's why I don't post all my shooting guns.

    so you should try to build more shooting guns, try to see what makes a gun good or bad. you can even ask people for advice or take inspiration from the more successful guns on the site... the best way to learn is through trial and error, and experience doesn't hurt either.

    Why should he? It's annoying and arrogant to assume that because you pay CoD, you know a lot about guns.

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    Don't start anything, Jammy, just leave them be. I do find it annoying that people who only know about real firearms from CoD try to pretend they know about certain weapons, but I'm not gonna bash people for it, nor assume that it's exactly what charlie was doing here. People who play CoD are so used to being bashed that they'll become overly defensive. I have no problem with the series, just its fans sometimes.

    Nein, this is the Magpul PDR. The FAD looks a lot uglier.

    Ugh, please don't tell me you only think that because you play CoD. Excuse me if I'm mistaken, but that seems like the only reason you'd ask such a question.

    You should put grey connectors around the orange bendy rod on the holo sight.

    Hmm, I could do that. I don't know if it will stay on good though.

    It does, I've tried it. But they have to be spaced out a bit.

    Ok. I once had a dot sight using those grey connectors. It was on someones shotbow, I though from The Chemicker.

    I built that shot bow as well. But his sights are different.

    True. I still need to put on those grey connectors :P maybe I'll post it today, otherwise tomorow (as today is my birthday =D )

    Happy birthday!