Knex Manual/Motor Gear Box





Introduction: Knex Manual/Motor Gear Box

Welcome! Here are instructions to create gearbox that can easily be set to motorised or manual. It's hard to explain so here's a video:

Step 1: The Base

Yeah, everything else goes on here.

Step 2: The Motor

This section is the motor.

Step 3: Adding the Motor

The gear from the motor could mesh with another... if it's set to.

Step 4: A Bit of Support

It's easier if this is just an extra step. If not the next step is too long.

The added pieces in this picture are: 1 green rod, 1 white rod, 1 blue rod, and 1 yellow connector.

Step 5: Moving Gear

This gear shifts forwards and backwards to mesh with either the motor's gear or the manual gear.

Step 6: Adding the Shifting Gear

This clips straight onto the motor.

Step 7: The Manual Gear

If the motor jams, switch to this.

Step 8: Adding the Manual Gear

Just add the red and green connector.

Step 9: The "output" Gear

The rod is what to connect the turning part to. It could be any size.

Step 10: Adding the Output Gear

2 connections here.

Step 11: How to Use (you're Done Anyway)

With the motor facing towards you, if the trigger is left, turning is manual, if the trigger is right, then the turning is motorised.



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