Introduction: Knex Manual/Motor Gear Box

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Welcome! Here are instructions to create gearbox that can easily be set to motorised or manual. It's hard to explain so here's a video:

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base

Yeah, everything else goes on here.

Step 2: The Motor

Picture of The Motor

This section is the motor.

Step 3: Adding the Motor

Picture of Adding the Motor

The gear from the motor could mesh with another... if it's set to.

Step 4: A Bit of Support

Picture of A Bit of Support

It's easier if this is just an extra step. If not the next step is too long.

The added pieces in this picture are: 1 green rod, 1 white rod, 1 blue rod, and 1 yellow connector.

Step 5: Moving Gear

Picture of Moving Gear

This gear shifts forwards and backwards to mesh with either the motor's gear or the manual gear.

Step 6: Adding the Shifting Gear

Picture of Adding the Shifting Gear

This clips straight onto the motor.

Step 7: The Manual Gear

Picture of The Manual Gear

If the motor jams, switch to this.

Step 8: Adding the Manual Gear

Picture of Adding the Manual Gear

Just add the red and green connector.

Step 9: The "output" Gear

Picture of The "output" Gear

The rod is what to connect the turning part to. It could be any size.

Step 10: Adding the Output Gear

Picture of Adding the Output Gear

2 connections here.

Step 11: How to Use (you're Done Anyway)

Picture of How to Use (you're Done Anyway)

With the motor facing towards you, if the trigger is left, turning is manual, if the trigger is right, then the turning is motorised.


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