K'nex Mauser C96 Replica Instructions





Introduction: K'nex Mauser C96 Replica Instructions

So here as promised are the instructions for my Mauser C96
I made a new trigger gaurd it is somewhat round -> as pointed out by Dr. Richtofen (thanks.)

Okay before you start building read the following stuff.

- This gun requires at least one Broken piece (orange connector with one tab missing) without this piece the gun won't fire.

- Also two broken white rods are recommend, if you really dont want to break your white rods you'll have to make the outer panels somewhat different.

- The other five broken rods are just for looks, and since I had them I used them.

I didn't post the stock because it kinda sucked if I make a new one i'll add it in this instructable.

Well here are some pros and cons.

- Looks good.
- (Almost) no rods sticking out of the gun.
- Comfy broomhandle in the right angle.
- Long pin-pull

- Barrel/body connection is somewhat floppy nothing real big.
- Small mag (can be compensated with the mag extention.
- Shoots green rods.
- Not that great of a range

Step 1: Outer Panels.

Simple as that.

just make it twice.

Step 2: Inner Panels.

Also simple also make two here.

Step 3: Internals

Quite easy just follow the pictures + notes.

After you are done add the other panel from the previous step (forgot a pic.)

Step 4:

Step 5:

Well we'll put it together now (if you haven't already)

the pics are a little messy

Step 6: Extras

Almost done just the ramrod, mag push and the mag extention.



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    in bioshock infinite, dan heb je dit als eerst wapen dus lol
    maar ik ga em nu bouwen c:
    heb een shitload aan knex overgekocht c:

    Nice laat maar ff weten wat je ervan vind.

    ik liet em niet schieten, loop ingekort(ja ik ben bezig met een arsenaal ewe)
    maar heb em weer uit elkaar gehaalt, ben bezig met dingen en je mauser gebruikte nogal veel ewe"

    ewe? bedoel je y-clips?

    oh daar heb ik geen moeite meer mee(een mega shitload aan knex gekocht, me ma natuurlijk betaalt EWE)
    en ewe is een smiley

    Goede instructies voor een goed pistool!

    (and for chunky sniper / karma charger:)
    Good instructions for an good pistol!

    You mean "A" good pistol, don't you?