terickson311 months ago

i would like instructions for this gun

~KGB~4 years ago
meh, make it better
D1rty Di3sel (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
What do you think is wrong with it?  You need to be more specific.
make a differnt handle, and a longer firing pin..
The handle is one of the best things about this gun, (everything is good about this gun though.
you think this is good then check out this
You changed your avatar.
No, the DKC series are the best games ever.
Donkey Kong Country (And Donkey Kong 64.)
Donkey Kong Country, I only liked the first though
My favorites are in this order 2, 1, DK64, 3. They are all very close though.
petrovski254 years ago
please post i'm waiting for it it looks awesome i love this version and the original gun
AUG-5OM34 years ago
yeah post instructions i love it
An Villain4 years ago
I built this, but I replaced the gray connector magazine with a blue rod magazine, shortened (by 1 yellow connector) and blunted the fake barrel, and changed the trigger, it holds 17+1 rounds.
post instructions!!!!
leafydave4 years ago
i made one however i thought it would get hated because of to many broken pieces
puremagus504 years ago
want instructions please
spijk8604 years ago
look realy good please post
cerj4 years ago
 everytime i hear the word "Mauser" i think of RDR
same here
danbaha4 years ago
Good gun this looks awesome!
heatblast4 years ago
Nicely done! I think I'd improve the overall design though. :)
that's a pretty awesome gun! I love how slender it is. maybe a stronger handle and a longer ram would be better tho.
knexguy4 years ago
Make the holster/stock thing, that would be great.