Knex Mech V1





Introduction: Knex Mech V1

Hi I am Isiah Smith i'm 14 years old and this is my first instructable hope you like I might post instructions later depending on if I add any more attachments to it. First pic is the Mech with the saw blade attachment. Second pic is the back view if you cant see the gear it has geared waist articulation. Third pic side view of suspension legs. Fourth pic is it holding the chain gun i made for it. Fifth pic all out weapon mode complete with flick fire missiles. Sixth pic is the pilot of the Mech has full articulation everywhere on it. Seventh pic is of the opened cockpit on the hinge.



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    0_o How have I not found you before?! Post instructions please.....

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    I don't think I'm making an instruction page for this version right know. Because I'm already on version 3 I'll post pics so don't ask please

    thanks Should I post instuctions?

    If you want, but I don't think I will build it, I have another project.