This is a metal guitar made of knex. Its very cool and strong. The strings are rubberbands under high pressure. If you want another guitar post it in the comments

the strap is a guitar hero strap

this instructable is for master-splinter306 because he has a reaction to every instructable i have

thanks master-splinter306

i hope you like the instructable and i see you next time

<p>Hmmmm, the body seems to be almost the same <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-Rock-BandGH-bass-working/" rel="nofollow">as this one</a>, with some very minor changes.</p><p>I'd say you start adding some credits to your descriptions, as almost nothing you post seems to be entirely original, no offense.</p><p></p>
<p>i didn't knew that there was a metel knex guitar. i made it from a picture from a jackson kelly</p>
<p>That looks good!</p>
This can be your Moms face (joking) this target i've shoot with my compound bow
<p>This guitar is looking quite good!</p>
Means this That i must post another guitar
This looks great! Wonderful job
Wow this is cool keep up the good work and keep the community alive I would like to see more I favorited
<p>this instructable is for you master-splinter306</p>

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