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Introduction: K'nex Micro Chainsaw Lift

About: Hey, my name's Boris and I build K'nex Ball Machines :D

My first proper lift that isn't a wheel! This is my take on a chainsaw lift. It uses micro chains because I don't have much normal size chains. It works, at least for me, 100% of the time, with different types of balls.

I'm very proud of this lift and I hope the instructions are clear. If not, please ask me :D

Have fun building!


Step 1: Pieces You Need

Least fun, but it might help you. I might have some numbers wrong.

Step 2: Build Time!

Fun time! If anything isn't clear, ask me in the comments :D

Step 3: That's It!

I hope you did it and it works just as well as mine did!

Thanks for building! :D

Bye bye



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    UPDATE: it's better to use small black micro rods instead of the yellow ones on the lift 'claws', yellow ones might get jammed