Knex Micro Coaster: Temple Run


Introduction: Knex Micro Coaster: Temple Run

This will be my first uplaod to this site,but i have a youtube account (Megamax12199) . It is called Temple Run and has multiple turns and flips, enjoy!



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    Are you going to make instructions for this? If so then I will build it!

    This is posted under micr knex . It is made with classic knex . Perhaps the title is confusing , knex micro coaster is not micro knex coaster.

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    The name for I micro rollercoaster come from thy type of track that I'm using. An actual roller coaster is made with just original knex track, and/or the strip kind of track. This uses micro track making it a micro coaster even though it uses original parts, and it uses a micro car.

    Will do! As soon as i am done editing it, i will upload it to Youtube and Instructables. Thanks for the nice comment!