Introduction: K'nex Mini Color Dice

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though It's size is massive compared to a normal dice, this is the tiniest version possible made by normal sized K'nex.
you want to make this?
well, let's start!

Step 1: Gathering Parts

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As you can see in the picture, this is what you need to build the dice.

don't have the orange 45° angled ones?
no problem, you can order them on knexusergroup.

don't have all the colors?
no problem, make your own color code.

Step 2: Choosing Colors

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as far as my knowledge goes, this are all the original colors these parts come in.
I love their colors.

Step 3: Building Part 1

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put all the red connectors and green rods together to make a snake form.
add four Y-clips, four 32 mm rods, and four angled orange clips just as pictured.
connect the two sides to make a cube.
click everything in place.

Step 4: Building Part 2

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#1-5 filling the empty sides is easy.
#6-8 use the remaining parts to fill each side.

Step 5: Finished

Picture of Finished

congratulations! now you can use the dice in boardgames.
do you think you can make an even tinier version than this?


GWorks (author)2016-04-04

See? This is what I mean with thinking out of the box! I really love this one, since it's so small (I love small) and great, Great use of different K'NEX colours!
Do you have any ideas for future builds?

euroelephant (author)GWorks2016-04-10

Thank you.

I made the other cube earlier, which sides were about a white rod in length, so I wondered if I could made it shorter.
I then did connected all the red connectors together and tried to fill the gaps with orange angled (love them) and Y-clips.
I was lucky to have 2 of those expensive purple rods to give each side it's own color, and so it went.

I have currently 1 project running. It's a coin push machine which first half is complete. I'll post an ible of it this month.
The ibles I post, and have posted, already have been build in the last 1,5 year. Each week I want to upload one of them until I'm done.

GWorks (author)euroelephant2016-04-11

Aha ^^
Wow, so you have 1½ year of knex builds coming o_o? I'm curious what it will be! If you want, you could also join at! It's a K'NEX forum for ballmachines/elements and other stuff (everything else, that isn't Roller coasters) You can import your ibles there, so it's more likely that people will watch them :)

euroelephant (author)GWorks2016-04-19

yeah, most constructions I made are for practical use. in that time I also build a lot of the official ones which I couldn't make as a child due to resources shortages. haven't you had the same experience?
oh, and thanks for the invite you both. right now I have to decline the offer.
I'm happy as things are now, I just wanted to show my work.

GWorks (author)euroelephant2016-04-20

Ooh yes, building old things is satisfying. I used to drool with many things from the knex flyer and catalogue, now it is possible to build ^^

Alright, instructables is still a good place to do that :)

Linkin_J_Knex (author)GWorks2016-04-17

Some cheeky advertising there xD. But yes.... Join us on knexlflux :D

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2016-04-04

What a cool idea! Great job:D

thank you for your support :)
I wonder, are you currently working on project or something?

Yeah! My ball machine is nearly complete :D. 3 months so far xD.

i'm looking forward to it.

Completo! Check out my ible ;D

sandroknexmaster (author)2016-04-06

This is a very cool idea, keep up the good work!

thank you ^_^ I will!

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