Step 6: Putting It All Together

Sorry about the pics being out of order .The first four are in order but the rest aren't.You should be able to figure it out.

Yeh, I know,most of the time I just stare and laugh at it.I only make other people's guns, like seleziona's which are awesome! <br>
More of 1/8 of the barrels of a gatling gun than any kind of pistol. Check out some of the better guns on instructables before you show us your block trigger &quot;gun&quot;.
I think it'd be best to change the name, a mini gun would be a bit different looking than this.
Good idea, I'll change it.
You should stick with lego. Click on 'reply' or we won't know if you have, like your comment below.
I still do play with my lego but now I play with my knex more. <br>
I have TOOOOONNNS of lego and a fair -amount of knex but I found some knex instructions online so I got hooked on knex. <br>
What do you mean?Have you built my gun yet? !!!!

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