Hi! if u hadn't guessed this is a knex gun... i tried 2 make it small so pls tell me if its any good i like it!=) it fires white rods and the Mag hold about 15 shots.

Comfy Handle
True Trigger
Mag that hold 15 shots
No broken pieces needed!

If you don't tape the ram rod up the orange connector (in this case brown) breaks=(
You probably could make it more reliable
meh... too basic
<p>your basic</p><p>if you can make things that are better then okay but don't say other peoples models are basic</p><p>it is not fair on them maybe they spent hours building it and it is the world to them </p><p>be nicer next time yeah :)</p>
by the way this is not a mini gun a mini gun is a type of machine gun with 6 barrels change the name to micro or somthing <br>anyways nice gun
have done!

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