Knex Mini Skewer Bow (Simple)


Introduction: Knex Mini Skewer Bow (Simple)

This is My First Instructables.I got the idea of this simple bow from Cubyrop3's Knex Mini Bow and arrow. I hope you enjoy it and please comment and constructive criticism is welcome. Sorry for crappy camera Quality.
WARNING: Do not under any circumstances point this at any animals or people. I am not responsible for any injuries that may occur.

Step 1: Gather Parts Required:

1x Red rod
1x Yellow rod
2x Mini green rods
2x Red right angle connectors
2x Yellow half moon connectors
4x Grey Connectors
1x Rubber band
1x Weird Orange/yellow thingy(See picture)

Step 2: The Body of the Bow

Parts needed:
1x yellow rod 
2x Red Right angled Connectors
2x Mini green rods

See Picture

Step 3: Another Part of the Bow

Parts needed:
1x red rod
2x Yellow half moon Connectors

See Picture

Step 4: Attach Parts

Parts Needed:

See Picture

Step 5: Stabilizers 1

Parts Needed:
2x Grey Connectors
1x Weird Orange Thingy (WOT)

See Picture

Step 6: Stabilizers 2

Parts Needed:
2x Grey Connectors

See Picture

Step 7: Rubber Band Step 1

Parts Needed:
1x Rubber Band

The Rubber Band Goes through the hole, then hooks onto the red rod.
See Picture

Step 8: Rubber Band Step 2 (Last Step)

Parts Needed:

Same thing as the other side. 
TIP: You may want to use a small piece of tape to hold the 2 sides of rubber band together.

See Picture

Step 9: How to Shoot

Put Skewer in-between the weird orange thingy and the grey connector, then over the other grey connectors. While still holding the skewer, Pull back on the rubber band and let go. 

Arrow is a 10" 25.4 cm Kitchen Skewer, but it will probably work with any size.
I encourage you to please leav a comment on how to improve both it and these Instructions. Thanks!

See Picture



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    thanks, i know its not that accurate but i wanted to makea simple thing that doesn,t suck

    no prob. =D