Knex Mini-uzi - - Updated V1.2 - -





Introduction: Knex Mini-uzi - - Updated V1.2 - -

About: Am working on getting my KSP Build3.7 posted within the next couple of weeks - don't quite have the time at current. Am also working on a new series of compact rifles with a unique internal firing mechanism ...

Based on the Mini-Uzi.

Simple, easy to build knex gun based on the Mini-Uzi. This gun fires white rods and has a working magazine.

Magazine + Magazine ram
Forward grip

Magazine ram

Step 1: Barrel/Breech

Build the barrel and breech.

Build all the parts first, then assemble as shown in the last three images.

The update is on the fifth image

Step 2: Body and Handle

This is one of the easiest parts of the gun. Just look at the pictures.

Step 3: Ram

This is the easiest part of the gun.

NOTE: The bands go through the hole in the middle - bands must be snapped, fed through hole and then re-tied.

Step 4: Trigger

Another easy part.

Update is third image

Step 5: Magazine + Magazine Ram

This part is trickier. Look carefully at the pictures. The second and third pictures show close ups of parts.

NOTE: The second picture shows what the two black and white things are in the forth picture. (Top, center)

Updates are shown in the last three pictures

Step 6: Forward Grip

This is another really easy part. Just look at the picture.

I know that actual mini uzi's don't have handles like this but it just makes it easier to aim.

Step 7: Assembly

Assembly of the gun. Bringing all of the pieces together. Follow the pictures.

Step 8: You're Done!

Hopefully you've made the gun and it works fine.
And hopefully. you haven't gotten stuck or confused. If you have, just let me know and i'll give you a hand .



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u really think we need yo know this?????????!!!!!!!!!

Lemony lemony, oh, lemony, oh lemony. Ahhh, lemony.

what does it shoot

i built it a few years back, and ill give you a 3.5 out of 5. i love the looks but i only got it to fire a few times because of the jamming.

That's an awesome uzi. 4.0.

Looks great, I've been looking for a good uzi and I think I found what I was looking for :)   5 stars

wow your all abiut range arent ya?

I can't get the mag to work. It feeds into the gun before the trigger, so the ram is blocking the bullets. Is this supposed to happen?

i just built! I made the gun , the sight, and the barrel extension ! cant get it to shoot though

where the barrel accually is i had to 6ake a load of the other knex away from it so it would fire i will send u the link to my 1

Can you make step 1 less confusing