K'nex Minigun, Should I Post?




Introduction: K'nex Minigun, Should I Post?

this is my new minigun, If at least twenty people ask me to post it within 1 week I'll post it.
here are some details:
What I want about a minigun/machinegun is not a high firing rate, I think it's not usefull at all in combat because you've got to reload all the time. so that's why I made this one have a firing rate of: 250 RPM.
Range: 20 feet.
reloading time of one round: 4 seconds.

Further it has a new and innovative (true) trigger system and the fake barrels are actually rotating.
here are the pictures:



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do not post please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'd like to see you build somthing better then this,
if you can then post it.
if you cant then quit complaning about it.
if you are a knex hater then dont look at knex instructables!. 

I dont have to look at them for them to come up no matter what i type in the search engine and also i dont have anything against knex themselves i am against the thousands of useless ibles trashing up the site....have you noticed under 10 knex ibles have been featured whitch comes out to.....one hundredth or so whitch is very few.

1 you typed which wrong,
2 one of my knex instructables did get featured
3 if you type in minigun it's kinda obvious you're gonna get knex instructables
4 you should try a knex gun sometimes, it's really fun, otherwise we wouldn't make so many instructables about them
5 there are more than ten knex ibles featured.

1 typing right is too time consuming
2 i said few not none
3 I didnt type minigun i typed in car! and that happens when i type almost anything
4 i dont have many knex and i dont have any problem with them i just have a problem with that they are everywhere
5 i was estimating it may have been a few more or less
6 can i say i slightly dislike something without some guy questioning me?

yeah ok, no offence but I just can't understand people who don't like k'nex

1 see #4
2i actually like knex i just dont like them being everywhere on the site(see #3)

he a hater