I believe this to be the first K'nex model jet engine. It has a wind up motor in it so the fan does spin. It will not power anything, nor will it act as a decent fan. However it does look kind of interesting so one could use it as decoration or a demonstration model.

It's not the best or even good enough in my opinion to take time to make an I'ble on making it but my posting it does serve a purpose. This is the first one on the Instructables website and currently the first for all I know. The purpose I posted this is to start a trend or at least get some others to make their own and post theirs because in my opinion K'nex model jet engines may have some potential (well, more than other K'nex model engines and there's lots of them). What do you think?

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love it!!!!!
I'm glad you like it.
now thats cool <br>
Good job!!!
nice one!
no prob!
epic! looks great
cool i do not think you have enough fan blades though :)
<p>that so cool </p>
the facade looks great, thou I must mentio that the inner mechanism is...lacking in inspiration. i'm not sayin that this is a bad showcase, it's actually quite a good design, just that it could be improved to be more realistic
What would you suggest I should do to improve the internals to make them more realistic?
cool i might want to make it. ad instructions. cool!
Thanks. I probably will not add instructions unless I make a new one and decide to post it.
could you next time actually follow blueprints and design a flawless model that just by adding fuel it is active so then when you have enough knex you can make a small plane that you pilot in a cockpit and be able to fly<br>with flaps to control it<br><br>
Even if I made it more accurately it would not work as a real jet engine. Gases would escape through the wall and the plastic would melt/burn. Maybe if they made K'nex out of metal, then it might work (would be awesome for K'nex guns, but would hurt alot to get shot).
i was thinking about a model which once the structure is finished then add a lihtweght alumminium case around it to stop fuel leaking out anyway im allway thinking about how to make a working knex jet engine and plane structure and by adding oxygen ,fuel, steel bulk head and rubber sealing aswell as glass for a posble plane
so its turbofan rather that turbojet?
Well, it doesn't have a bypass passage which would make it a turbofan so it's probably more of a turbojet however it could probably be modified for turbofan.
wow, some who dont know about engines thinks were crazy...
put it on a knex jet... i cant imagine the size of it
I would if I could but I don't have the pieces. It would probably be atleast ten feet long!
lol i would if i would have room
Make the entire plane! ;)
I wish! I would if I had the pieces.
Lol that would be freaking legit. This is sweet.

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