Hi everyone.
     This is another version of a stepper lift. As you can see from the video and pictures it is quite tall and can be made even taller because there is not a lot of friction. I used two regular knex motors to power this lift but one electric plug-in knex motor should do the job, but you'll have to change the gears around. Enjoy the video.
Parts List
All parts are labeled in there classic colors.
  • green - 76
  • white - 116
  • blue - 200
  • yellow - 128
  • red - 165
  • grey - 53
  • tan roller coaster - 1
  • large bendy - 5*
  • grey - 65
  • light grey - 50
  • orange - 34
  • red - 54
  • green - 87
  • yellow - 85
  • white - 21
  • purple locking - 120
  • blue locking - 47
  • orange roller coaster - 52
Wheels and Tires
  • thin small wheel - 1
  • thin medium wheels - 14
  • thin small tire - 1
  • small gears - 2
  • medium gears - 13
  • large gear - 1
  • small triangle panels - 5
Clips and Spacers
  • Y-clips - 95*
  • blue clips - 12
  • tan locking clips - 12
  • roller coaster clips - 2*
  • washers - 2
  • blue spacers - 83*
  • silver spacers - 34
  • blue hinge halves - 2
  • motors - 2 regular or 1 plug-in
  • chain links - 134
  • roller coaster track length - 2 pieces 80"(2m) or 4 pieces 37"(94cm)
*The large bendy rods are optional.
*You will not need to use a lot of Y-clips if you are using thick roller coaster track.
*You might need extra roller coaster clips at the top part of the steppers.
*You will not need to use a lot of blue spacers if you are using thick roller coaster track.

Step 1: The Base

     For this step you will be building the base and a bit of the gears and entrance.

Step 2: The Entrance

Step 3: The Tower

Step 4: The Wide Steppers

     The steppers themselves were kind of hard to photograph, so be sure to read the image notes. I broke the steppers into two parts, the lower and the upper. The lower part uses 21 chain links and the upper uses 18.

Step 5: The Narrow Steppers

The narrow steppers are almost the same as the wide steppers, but narrower. I also broke them into to parts. This time though the lower part has 18 chain links and the upper part has 21 chain links.

Step 6: The Top Part and Exit

Step 7: The Supports

Step 8: The Arm

Step 9: Attatching Other Stuff

Step 10: The Top and Gearing Mechanism

You'll have to change the gearing mechanism around if you are using a electric plug-in motor. (which I highly rec-amend)

Step 11: Finis

Great! Now you're done. Hopefully it works well in your ball machine.
cool lift i wand to build it but i have not so much rollercoaster conectors :(
How many do you have?
i have 26 rollercoaster conectors <br>
You could still make it, but you would only have 2 steppers on each side. If you did make it though you would only have to use 1 motor and the arm at the top would not have to be so thick. You also would use less pieces and the ball would still be lifted up 4 red rod lengths.
Okey thanks
Awesome lift! I really need to get more of those orange tabbed connectors.... <br> <br>BTW. I have to lift Ibles coming soon!
Thanks. Cool. Which ones are they?
Wait an week and the Ibles will be posted!
*Two instead of to
Nice. Looks great.
Looks great!
Wha, cool lift!
Great lift! Would making it taller require more motor power, since there would be more friction? You sure do come out with lots of Ibles in a short time!
Thanks. I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that 2 regular or 1 electric plug-in knex motor should do the job. I usually try and post stuff as often as I can.

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