Huge Knex Monster Truck





Introduction: Huge Knex Monster Truck

I think this is one of my best knex builds and im very proud of it.

I'd Like to make an Instructable for this but I don't really want 2 take it apart and I don't have enough pieces to make another :(

I'ts got full stearing,adjustable lights, giant spoiler and bumpers and six wheels!!! Please don't ask me how many pices it uses because i dont have a clue. (a lot im guessing)

If you want to make this I don't have a problem but you'll just find it really hard...

Please rate and comment on it.



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    i think that it is the best knex monster truck i have ever seen also does it have suspension if it does awesome 5*.


    Sweet Good Job 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    V 16 ENGINE!

    Thanks for the comments every1 :) also what u think of this: Its ALISGREAT's XM8 with sum cool mods

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    you have to post that as an instructable!

    what the gun or truck?

    Im doing 1 for the xm8 an my own pistol It shoots blue, white or green rods. I dinted my wall with it :(


    Dude that monster truck is undeniably the best vechile I have ever seen on Instructables, for a new member, your brill!

    I'v been messing around with knex for years but only just seen the site ;)

    This is serioius. When i was younger i made a life size version.

    F1 cars could be hard to make...