I think this is one of my best knex builds and im very proud of it.

I'd Like to make an Instructable for this but I don't really want 2 take it apart and I don't have enough pieces to make another :(

I'ts got full stearing,adjustable lights, giant spoiler and bumpers and six wheels!!! Please don't ask me how many pices it uses because i dont have a clue. (a lot im guessing)

If you want to make this I don't have a problem but you'll just find it really hard...

Please rate and comment on it.
<p>Could you post instructions?</p>
Nice job <br>
i think that it is the best knex monster truck i have ever seen also does it have suspension if it does awesome 5*.
plez make instructionds its a cool modial
dude, this is one of the most creative trucks ive seen ever. really nicee
Sweet Good Job 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
V&nbsp;16 ENGINE!<br />
Thanks for the comments every1 :) also what u think of this: Its ALISGREAT's XM8 with sum cool mods
you have to post that as an instructable!
what the gun or truck?
both! XD
Im doing 1 for the xm8 an my own pistol It shoots blue, white or green rods. I dinted my wall with it :(
Here is the link to my performance pistol:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Performance-Pistol/">knex perfomance pistol</a><br/>
Dude that monster truck is undeniably the best vechile I have ever seen on Instructables, for a new member, your brill!
I'v been messing around with knex for years but only just seen the site ;)
Why do you people just can't make a F1 car????
This is serioius. When i was younger i made a life size version.
F1 cars could be hard to make...
a year ago or something i did make one
it is easy first you make the chassis then the body
pls make another one and post it. PLEASE!!!
it looks cool but a bit too much to be a monster truck9the front looks over done)
Lol, press shift then 9 dude! jk... kinda...
Where did you get those wheels?
i promote u to pro.. im stil an amature at building knex
Wow, i wish I had that many pieces
from behind it looks like a giant buggy
nice car
I WANTS 2 EAt u!!!
dose it move?//?
yh, its got full steering. atm the moment its in pices as im instalin a motor :P
I agree, it's really awesome, but the front is kind of silly.
front locks bad but every thing else looks good
It doesn't look bad it is just detailed. Also you spelled 'looks' wrong... (nick)
holly crap That thing is huge. I did have a truck like that one time but it wasnt as detailed like yours. Have you ever thought about utting in a real motor for the wheels and if you have one for the steering?
I have thought about this but when I did try it I had 2 use 2 motors on the rear and middle axle but I can't put one on the steering because of the way its made :(
i see what you meen i didnt realize that you had suspention on the back tires.
This is sweet! Def. will build if you make an instructable. +1
also were do u get those wheels from on your truck? it looks really cool
check on Ebay, its from a monster truck set.
oh it comes from the "overdrive monster truck set". Every site says its been discontinued and u cant buy it any more :( do u think u cud take a couple of photos of the instructions because it looks prety cool.
I dont have the set, I bought the wheels on Ebay.
I looked on ebay but the UK ebay doesn't have any and the USA ebay has some but don't ship to England :(
thats weird, i thought that they would ship stuff like that anywhere.
i really dont no were 2 start with an instructable :( and i dont want to take it apart :(
That thing is a beast!

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