Picture of Knex Monstertruck
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Picture 008.jpg
This is my knex monstertruck that i made a few years ago and was going to post on my old acccount but never got around to it. So now i have some spare time i will post. First off it has suspension (although it is prone to breaking if dropped), working stearing and the bonnet copens to reveal an engine(just for show). The doors can open and a knex man can fit inside but this is mainly model is mainly for show.

These pictures are quite old so some may be missing or be bad photos.

So here are the pics so get making!!

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Step 1: Base

This is the base and suspension

1-make this
7-attach 1 to 2
8-attach 4 to 7
9-attach 6 to 8

(make 2)
10,11,12-make these
13-attach 11 to 12
14,15-attach 10 to 13
16,17,18-add this

19,20,21-add the lacky band here

22,23,24,25,26-add wheel


29-a full picture of the steering
30,31-better pictures of rear (or front if you dont want it to turn)
Cool truck!!

This truck is sick! How long did it take you to build it?

-Knexchaos-3 years ago
Epic! I made this and had a derby with my friend and mine only broke once and it was a quick fix. Very sturdy
KNEX-pert3 years ago
AWESOME! That monster truck is very strong, big, and cool! Great job!
great job. the looks are good, but im even more impressed by the suspension and the creativity and neatness. 5* keep up the good work
mulletman63 years ago
Tried making it, but couldn't get the suspension to work properly, so gave up
White Shadow (author)  mulletman63 years ago
Sorry the pictures are a bit hard to follow but if u look at them carefully then you should be able to make it.
I had the whole of the chassis built, but when i pushed down on it, the suspension didn't work as the top bit and bottom parts just pushed against each other :/
White Shadow (author)  mulletman63 years ago
Well i havnt had this built fotr well over 2 years so i cant realy check whats happening. Just remake the suspension again and sorry i couldnt help much.
mulletman63 years ago
Going to attempt to make this later :)
zap80053 years ago
put a 3-barreled Gatling gun with 2 triangular shields attached on the back & BAM! you have a halo warthog