Knex Mortar/Missile





Introduction: Knex Mortar/Missile

This is a simple knex missile that only uses 7 pieces of knex and fires 4-5 metres in distance, depending on rubber band.

Step 1: The Pieces

You need;


2 yellow connectoers
1 light grey connectoer
1 dark grey connecter


2 white rods
1 grey rod


1 rubber band

Step 2: The Body

Connect the 2 yellow connecters to 1 white rod and then connect the dark grey connecter to the middle as shown.

Step 3: The Middle

Get the grey rod and connect the light grey connecter to the end, then place a rubber band to it and hold it in place with the white rod as shown.

Step 4: The Missile

Now just slide the body of it up the grey rod and connect the rubber band around it as shown.

To fire place the missile on the ground and pull the body down, once you pull it down to the bottom let go and it will fire.




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    the yellow thing goes up and takes the rest with it...

    This is a rip off of the splodie, which uses four pieces and has better range.

    This is no where near that splodie design an it fires heaps good.

    Well if you can't really fire it it has some major flaws, such as, not being able to fire...not really understading how to fire it...not being able to fire. But really, some knex things work great and some downright suck. Yours is leaning towards the latter.Matter closed.


    How To Fire: First you put the end of the grey rod on the ground, then pull yellow connector/white rod object down, and... RELEASE!

    yes, it has been done (a few different times) by the way, im new. Check out my group atpoisons of doom

    the spoldies rock