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Introduction: Knex Mosin Nagant

Hello, and welcome to my Instructable on how to create a Mosin Nagant out of K'nex.
This gun is a slingshot type gun.

...And well yeah, it kind of bends but it took me a day to build :P
So time to...BEGIN!

Step 1: Make the Barrel

Look at the pictures, and read the notes please.

Step 2: Make the Main Body

Look at the pictures and read the notes please.

Step 3: Make the Butt

If you are immature like me you will probably laugh at the title.
But really, make the butt of the rifle by looking at the pics and reading the notes please.

Step 4: Make the Scope

Alright, so look at the pictures and read the notes...again.
This is quite easy I hope, I mean like really. :P

Step 5: Make the Trigger

Read the notes...actually you should just have to look at the picture!
The trigger is by Lowney.

Step 6: Connect Everything! + Rubberband Placement

Read the notes, look at the pictures.
You know what to do..

Thanks for building this by the way!
Use whatever ammo you can, but it must have a grey connector attached to it! (So it can clip onto trigger).



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     does anybody know waht's the third picture 'cause i don't know 

    please help !!!

    oh i get it now. this third picture

    if you still need help i thik its a grey spacer and a white rod

    not trying to critasize (dunno how to spell it :P) to me it looks more like an M1A1 Carbine

    made it with a neater scope and a bolt mech, will post a pic soon

    check out my WWII knex gun fourm, this is in it and ive made it into a bolt action mech

    A day? thats it?! when i build guns, its takes me 1-3 weeks or more to fine tune every thing! :P lol

     wtf what do u mean SEXY