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Introduction: Knex Motorbike

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Hey everybody, this is a fun little Motorbike I made when I was bored. It goes about 20-30 feet and is very, very stable. Well, let's get to the Pro's and Con's now.


Compact and sturdy

Low piece count 

Fun to play with


Uses a motor that not many people have.

Okay, if you like what you see than let's get building!

Step 1: The Back Wheel

Yeah, I'm just gonna repeat what the title says. "The Back Wheel."

Step 2: The Front Wheel

This is the front wheel, or engine. This is the most important part.

Step 3: Put It All Together

Finally, the moment of truth. When your done, just pull it back and let go.



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    cool ive been looking for something to build with this motor

    Thanks! I'm working on a V2

    It's a life-size tank out of Knex! I found it when i was looking on the web for a new avatar. You can use it if you want, and I totally agree, it's awesome.

    ooh, i thought you built that. but yea it is awesome. and woww, i didnt know it was lifesized, thats crazy

    You should aspire to build a bike more like nickimonster's bike.

    Okay, any ideas on how to make it better?