Introduction: Knex Motorized Caterpillar

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Just a caterpillar that extends and moves like a caterpillar as it drives. And it's motorized. Wish I could add a video but I have no idea how to use the web site.

Step 1: The Mechanism

Picture of The Mechanism

Step 2: The 2 Body Segments

Picture of The 2 Body Segments

The 2 are the same except one is missing a blue rod and has 4 green "legs"

Step 3: The Head and The... Butt

Picture of The Head and The... Butt

The 2 are the same except one has a face (DUHH!!) and missing a white rod where the mouth is.

Step 4: The Connecting Segment

Picture of The Connecting Segment

Step 5: The Assembly

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Wow, this is awesome!

sandroknexmaster (author)2014-07-02


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Bio: I love knex and all the good stuff like robots and transformers. I'm male and looking for great knex ideas.
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