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 These are the instruction for my new and innovative ball machine lift, which is on Shadowman39's page on ball machine lifts. It uses an inverted wheel rim, with internal 'scoops' , which scoop up the ball as it enters at the bottom, then drops the ball into the path at the top, this has taken many hours of fine tuning, such as 4 different scoops! Well that's it!

Parts List:
Blue Rod: 101
Blue Connector: 36
Yellow Rod: 48
White Rod: 119
White Connector: 29
Yellow Connector: 69
Red Connector: 28
Purple Connector: 74
Red Rod: 15
Tan Rod (strengthened red rod- highly recommended)
Tan Clip: 10
Green Connector: 6
Y Clip: 6
Grey Clip: 65
Orange Connector: 31
Blue Spacer: 21
Silver Spacer (equal to three blue spacers): 14
Green Peg: 151
Knex Ball (not ones from loopin lizard, big air ball factory)
Purple flexi rod: 4
Red Gear: 2
Gold Gear:2

This Parts Count is probably 95% accurate, and some parts can be docked.
Lets get building!

Step 1: Tower- Base

Picture of Tower-  Base

 The base- Pretty Simple

Step 2: Tower- Motor and Gear Box

Picture of Tower- Motor and Gear Box

 Adding the Motor and gear box, pay attention to the number of spacers.

Step 3: Tower- Strengthening the Tower

Picture of Tower- Strengthening the Tower

Strengthening and other bits

Step 4: Wheel- Rim

Picture of Wheel- Rim

 Be careful- pay attention to the pattern of the connectors on the rim sections, and that the grey clips are all on the same side

Step 5: Wheel- Spokes

Picture of Wheel- Spokes

The spokes- pay careful attention to the way the spokes are attached on.

Step 6: Mounting the Wheel to the Tower and Adding the Path

Picture of Mounting the Wheel to the Tower and Adding the Path

 Mounting the wheel etc


knexman32 (author)2013-03-10

why do you need 8 bendy supporters for the wheel when the final picture shows 4

~KGB~ (author)2011-07-18

Does this work with the big ball air tower balls?

TheFoofinator (author)~KGB~2011-07-18

I'm not sure. I suspect not because they would all run into a scoop at once because they are lighter weight. You could make a timing mechanism that only lets one ball in at a time, that was a problem I had. Anything more then 2 balls and it loads more then one into the scoops.

~KGB~ (author)TheFoofinator2011-07-18

ill try it because i will be making a ball machine with this lift going up to a chain lift then the paths go back to the start, so it should be timed good =D

do you now if this lift works with big air ball towers balls?

i dont know, i quit half way through to make somthing else.....

TheFoofinator (author)~KGB~2011-07-19

You could use a turnstile like mechanism, that is powered by the motor. It would need to be timed so that it lets one ball through every time a scoop come past the ball pickup.

~KGB~ (author)TheFoofinator2011-07-19

meh, ill fail badly at that lol =D

spankreas (author)2011-10-02

I've used this as a secondary ball lift half-way along a path in my [in-progress] ball machine. was a challenge working gears from my chain-lift motor across the bottom of the machine, and up a second tower to meet the gear box with this lift. thankfully it spun in the right direction when I was done with the gears!

Snosageman99 (author)2011-09-19

can you use ping pong balls

Unfortunately no, though I do believe golf balls would work.

ok...thanks anyway

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2011-09-07

ok i built it... sometimes they dont come out at the right time the wheel kept snapping on me any ideas?

mdman10 (author)2011-07-16

y dont u put a drop in the back so when the ball falls off, it falls back to the start

y dont u use english properly?

albydesign (author)2011-06-06

Cool! =D Can I use this in my ball machine?

kittensare (author)2011-04-15

I made it ,it fell over the end

kittensare (author)2011-04-14


bosniaguy (author)2011-02-23

Looks cool! Maybe I'll use it in my next ball machine! I will mention your name!

knexinventer (author)2011-01-01

when i built this the wheel was not collecting the ball right

k-n-e-x(leaved ibls) (author)2010-12-08

i made the 1000th view!

jmm72 (author)2010-09-01

looks like zansbar from halo sick


Seleziona (author)2010-07-07

That's cool!

TSC (author)2010-06-19


RNB (author)2010-06-08

How do you put the vid in the Instructable? I want to do that by the HammerLift, but it won't luck. Please help!

TheFoofinator (author)RNB2010-06-08

On an instructable, it says 'embed' click on this. On youtube, also look for the embed, then copy the embed code into the box where it asks on instructables. It's hard to explain. If you still have trouble, PM me.

RNB (author)TheFoofinator2010-06-08

Please join and put this lift in my group!

RNB (author)TheFoofinator2010-06-08


182515 (author)2010-06-02

I think that i may use this when i start on my next ball machine

the_burrito_master (author)2010-05-21

Awesome now make a 3 ft one and put it on a  ball machine!

 Perhaps, But I don't have enough parts for one that big, lookm at the amount of yellows the wheel uses! When I finish version 2 of this one, I perhaps will make into a mini ball machine

it does use a lot but if it were made for big knex balls then you could use rods. and connectors.

 ??? What are the big knex balls, I have only seen these that I use

~KGB~ (author)2010-05-21


coolknexcreations (author)2010-05-20

 Wow this is cool. are you coming up with another liift, another version of this, or a new ball machine?

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