A new and inovative lift, that uses a wheel, with internal scoops to scoop up the balls and drop them onto the upper path. It is inspire by a mouse spinning round on his wheel, hence the name. Instructions will come when I dismantle it, which I don't know when. Please Don't rate down, this has taken many arduous hours of fine tuning. Instruction nearly finished. Video: www.youtube.com/watch 
Instructions are up : www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Mouse-Wheel-Ball-Machine-Lift-1/
I've used this as a secondary ball lift half-way along a path in my [in-progress] ball machine. was a challenge working gears from my chain-lift motor across the bottom of the machine, and up a second tower to meet the gear box with this lift. thankfully it spun in the right direction when I was done with the gears!
Wow! Your ball machine looks pretty impressive so far.
Wow, that looks great. I know some people have had problems loading more than 2 balls into it at a time, did you have any problems?
I can confirm that if more than 2 balls are loaded in the bottom, the weight of the third ball will push a second ball into the rotating wheel. I can't think of any easy solution to this, but fortunately in my case I've used this particular lift as part of a path, so I'll never really have more than one ball queued up at a time. Your design looks great though, and is really pleasing to look at.
Thanks. I had a thought of putting some sort of turnstile in, and a pin on the wheel would push the turnstile, and only let one ball in at a time.
make instructions please!
 I am right now, up to step 3
okay, i will make it!! :)
 Might finish today if quick , probables tomorrow
I made something like this about a week ago!<br /> It went almost the same height.<br /> I'll show you a pic soon.<br />
If you post it should I still post my version? BTW I love the name!<br />
&nbsp;Yeah sure, just call it something different, btw ask shadowman to put your lift on his lifts ible- he will
it could be version 2 :-)<br />
&nbsp;Too late already working on a version 2, perhaps 1.5?
Can't wait!
I think I'll just forget it. I still go tons of other ideas. <br />
Pretty good. 4.5*<br /> <br /> However... If you have seen Shadowman39's wheel lift, it kicks this ones @ss. :-)<br /> <br /> But still pretty good.
&nbsp;What wheel lift? He hasn't done one, but he has put this on his lifts ible, besides this is just a small lift, going any bigger will result in me being bankrupt of pieces and burnt out motors, besides I wouldn't want to waste money on &nbsp;1000s of pieces when I'm 15, and rarely use knex, probably every 3 months.&nbsp;
&nbsp;never mind, seen it on catclysm. Mine is just a variation of the ball lift, and is different, so probably the performance is not as good, but I am already on that, I have thought of a way to improve performance, and make the tower only 1 blu rod thickness
If your thinking of the really small ferris-wheel type lift, then you're wrong.<br /> <br /> You may have seen pictures, but he made a super-cool mega-awesome wheel lift capable of holding somewhat 1-10 balls at once, but its alot complicated than it sounds.<br /> <br /> But i still love your whell lift :-)
It can probably hold around 20 actually. :-P<br />
&nbsp;Sorry, I have never seen that wheel, anyways, another is on the way after the ible for this one is finished.
epic! 5* impressive work!<br />
&nbsp;What are those red connectors for? (at the outside of the lifting wheel)<br /> Looks great, 5 stars.
&nbsp;They hold the wheel together- I couldn't get a right length rod to use as spokes, and they have to be attached on the outside, because the ball needs to roll freely on the inside
they hold the baskets together and connect them to the... as (I'm not sure what the english word for as is)<br />
&nbsp;Shadowman said he'd put it on his guide of lifts.
5*<br />
Done. :-)<br />
im planning a new lift!<br />
Awesome new lift system,&nbsp; I'm looking forward to the Ible!<br />
great idea!<br />

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