Knex 'Mouse Wheel' Ball Machine Lift





Introduction: Knex 'Mouse Wheel' Ball Machine Lift

A new and inovative lift, that uses a wheel, with internal scoops to scoop up the balls and drop them onto the upper path. It is inspire by a mouse spinning round on his wheel, hence the name. Instructions will come when I dismantle it, which I don't know when. Please Don't rate down, this has taken many arduous hours of fine tuning. Instruction nearly finished. Video: 
Instructions are up :



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    I've used this as a secondary ball lift half-way along a path in my [in-progress] ball machine. was a challenge working gears from my chain-lift motor across the bottom of the machine, and up a second tower to meet the gear box with this lift. thankfully it spun in the right direction when I was done with the gears!


    Wow! Your ball machine looks pretty impressive so far.

    Wow, that looks great. I know some people have had problems loading more than 2 balls into it at a time, did you have any problems?

    I can confirm that if more than 2 balls are loaded in the bottom, the weight of the third ball will push a second ball into the rotating wheel. I can't think of any easy solution to this, but fortunately in my case I've used this particular lift as part of a path, so I'll never really have more than one ball queued up at a time. Your design looks great though, and is really pleasing to look at.

    Thanks. I had a thought of putting some sort of turnstile in, and a pin on the wheel would push the turnstile, and only let one ball in at a time.

     Might finish today if quick , probables tomorrow

    I made something like this about a week ago!
    It went almost the same height.
    I'll show you a pic soon.