hi there, this is my first instructable!
sorry but no instructions ):
i broke it up
but it's pretty cool!

you shoud me able to make it from the photo's
<p>Yah it is dude you did a great job!</p>
<p>Looks like a shotgun without the mag.</p>
<p>this is an old gun, why would you even bother looking at this piece of what ever it was?</p>
<p>I might soon rebluid this tho :/</p>
Troppo olandese...ho bisogno Di parlare l'inglese...sto parlando in italiano. NOW YOU SEE HOW IT FEELS TO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! =)
lol? <br>
I dont know... It just says I speak dutch inglish, and Italian (to some extent) But I know English and Spanish the most. (Native language: English, yet 75% fluid in Spanish).
you lost me...
i'm not stupid dude, i just use google translate <br>and if you mean dr richtofen and me, we talk dutch because that's our mother languetge(or something like that)
I know... Trust me i think its cool! Im just comparing languages. (and trolling...) Nothing personal... :) I speak English and italian best. I study some languages, so i get frustrated when I don't know what people are saying... I had no negative intent whatsoever... Btw... ( between you and me, I use google translate to understand dutch...as if it weren't obvious...). ;)
google translate isn't always the best, it's to litterlary(if i write it good, cause my english grammer sucks)
Btw cool gun! :P
the black/green rods in the open spot are for the chain, for the chaingun function <br>chaingun option; <br>remove mag <br>add bi/tri pod <br>connect chain
The handle is a bit strange but the rest looks pretty nice.
i was running out of green rods, so, that's why the stange handle, but i had a nice and good grip!
btw, dude you posten that reaction about midnight *yawn*
So... XD I'm an active member :p

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