Hey guys. this is my new knex mp5, a big thanks to knexguy237 for his idea =D this gun was very challenging for me. the magazine.... i hate it, it works but i dont like it i hate small magazines. the gun itself has a good range no magazine jams and works fine, nothing special at all.

what can i build next?

any ideas what i can do better? and again ☺ excuse my bad english
<p>Very nice!</p>
Very smooth and great build quality. Great job!
<p>Very nice job! This actually looks very good, and I always have loved the looks of a good MP5. It's even better that it shoots, and has a functioning magazine. </p><p><br>Once again, I'm just going to go ahead and say, this looks awesome! Very accurate to the real thing and just a good smooth look to it overall. <br>My suggestion for your next gun would be, (since you already have a small magazine), would be a MP7, or a Scorpion Pistol. Just suggestions, but I think that would be cool. I see definite potential in you, and for that, I'm going to subscribe!</p>
thanks man ! check out my new ak 47 v1 =&gt;
dude instructions please????
<p>Whoops I forgot to tell you what magazine I think would have been simpler, one like the one I used on my K'NERF Assault Rifle.</p>
<p>Hey, that looks cool. Very nice!</p>

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