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Introduction: K'nex Mr. Mouth

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Hello fellow iblers!

In the sake of tradition of my K'nex contest entries I present to you another hungry game, Mr. Mouth! Mr. Mouth is one interesting species of frog and seems always willing to eat at the expense of your enjoyment. He spins while snapping his mouth in hopes that you can successfully catapult a food into it. This may seem bizarre but this technique has left it a popular game in most households. I have taken time to duplicate this strange species of frog into K'nex form so we can all marvel at its strange eating habits. So, lets build this thing shall we?

Before we begin, please glance through the instructions and make sure you have enough green connectors and y-clips. Also make sure to have the two port motor and a large K'nex tire available. Also, if you haven't already, please vote for this project in the K'nex Contest!

Thanks and Enjoy! JonnyBGood

See it in action here!


Step 1: It's All About That Base...

Sorry, couldn't help that title.... but there's plenty more where that came from. Overall this is a feel good step, very straight forward and easy. Just build what you see in the pictures. The one catch is to please notice that there are three white connectors in the center of the base that are snapped together with two white rods. The blue rods are attached to the middle white connector.

Also for the curious builder / modifier , yes, you need that tire rubber there. It supports the rotation axle and prevents the frog from tipping over every time he shuts his mouth. The mouth weighs a lot on this animal, since it seems to make up 90% of its body.

Step 2: Power Jaw Assembly

Okay, so this is where things get interesting. In this step we got a lot of stuff going on starting with the large bottom plate. The next pictures show the assembly of the front bottom lip of the mouth, which leads into a very interesting feature of the animal. This frog has it's brain and all its muscles in its mouth.... When assembling this part make sure to notice how the motor assemble inserts into the frame. Also ensure the battery pack is attached to the white rods as shown in a couple pictures in this step. The battery pack acts as a counter balance to the frogs enormous mouth. As you continue through the step you will eventually finish making one side and then the picture shows two sides. That is because you will need to mirror what you just built on the other side of the mouth. After your project looks like my picture continue on to attach the spin axle onto the bottom of you assembly. Then attach your Power Jaw Assembly to the Base.

Step 3: The Thinking Cap

Okay, so its not really a thinking cap if it's got a brain in it's mouth.... but still stereotypes are hard to get by...

Anyway so now let's build the Thinking Cap! Unfortunately I couldn't think of a way to break it down in a way that seemed logical, mainly because like all other parts of the project, it is frame that I threw pieces at until it looked full. So when building this, I suggest a similar approach. Start by building the main structure of the part by ignoring all those loose pieces and only build what would logically hold the assembly together. After you have the main structure start snapping on all those green connectors on the front and start systematically adding more features until it looks similar to mine.

When your done, you're ready to attach the Thinking Cap to your previous assembly. The rear of the yellow connector snaps onto the yellow rod as seen in the pictures and you ready to go! All you need are some Catapults, and they're cover in the next step.

Step 4: The Catapult

Natives, upon finding this species of frog would use small sapling trees to catapult insects into the frogs mouth.

Since we are in a more modern environment, this small catapult should suffice. The Catapults construction is relatively straight forward and similar in difficulty as the Base, just with more pieces. Once you are finished you are ready to play! Make yourself some insects and load them as shown into your catapult. After that its as simple as pulling the catapult down and slinging them toward the mouth of a hungry frog!

Step 5: Finished!

Thank you so much for building your own K'nex Mr. Mouth! I really appreciate building these awesome games for the K'nex contest each year and I hope you enjoy building it as well. As for this frog.... it seems it will live it's life in the same glory it has since it's creation. Games just have this wonderful thing of being enjoyable in every form and I'm glad that I could build another one for the site this year!

Thanks again, and stay awesome!




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    Om nom nom nom nom nom nom...

    thanks! I wish it did better in the contest but oh well. Still a great build.

    Wow you never cease to entertain me with new ideas that no one would have ever thought of haha. I really like it when you make all these toys that are fun for kids, and that the kids themselves can build. Overall, it was a shame this didn't win the contest, but this is still a new great idea. School is over, and I can finally get back to my regular building schedule :D.

    1 reply

    Well first off thanks! I find that a lot of people enjoy my random tangents in my building schedule, however its getting a bit harder each year to do something unique! =P
    Anyway I'll be looking to see what you come up with soon because I have started summer classes as you finished lol.
    Also do you have any plans to attend the knex war in freemont ohio this year? I'd highly recommend it if you are close enough to go.

    Thanks! I try to intentionally do that. I figure if I can't find it on the internet then that's a great thing to make!

    Just looked at the results of the K'nex Contest. From my viewpoint, the judges made a BIG mistake in this entry not winning. I literally thought you'd take first prize or something :-(.

    1 reply

    That's okay! There's a couple reasons this didn't make it.
    One is that I didn't break everything down so it wasn't as accurate to recreate. Another reason is it never featured, so it never got the full website traffic it needed. Finally a third reason is judges had nothing to do with it. I simply did not have enough votes to make the finals. If it did then the results may have went differently and I also wouldn't have been able to judge this contest.

    Thanks! It wasn't as big if a hit as I wanted, but I like it all the same. Hopefully it'll make it in the contest.

    This is sweet! It looks more like Packman and the "food" is the dots on Packman lol.

    2 replies

    Wow.... and how did Mattel not get sued.... lol thanks!

    Pac-Man was the name of this toy before it came to america and it predated the video game. Also pac is a expression for chewing in Japan. There was a case between Midway Manufacturing and Bandai-America. in which Bandai) used the existence of this game in an unsuccessful attempt to show that Midway/Namco did not come up with the original idea for Pac-Man. Here is a link for more information http://pacman.wikia.com/wiki/Pac-Man_(TOMY_board_g..

    This is cool man! A definite win in the contest!

    I would build this but I lack two pieces- the tyre and the motor (though I have the enclosed battery motor) so I'll make sure to build it when I get those parts.

    Waiting for another gun of yours (and ready to annoy you for instructions XD) so I'll be waiting for your preview.

    Cheers dude! (This should be featured soon... =D)

    1 reply

    Well first off thanks and good to hear from you again! I do hope this gets featured, but it doesn't appear to be going to happen. I've been surprised before so I'll remain hopeful.

    As for my next gun, I will be making some soon because the knex war is coming! I plan on making my first shotgun, maybe making it a bolt action, we'll see. Regardless I want to make an effective and efficient shotgun. I've also tried several times unsuccessfully to modify competitor V to a more effective hammer mechanism but it doesn't fit the body the way I want it too. I may just post the mechanism in a different gun.
    So, new stuff is coming but it may take awhile (as normal).

    Also as a side note, I still really want to make a small Zip3 but the mechanism really limits the size I can make it. I think the smallest it could be would be about a Zip2 lol.

    -Gasp!- I own this game!! You have done it again, first the hippos and now this! Voted!

    1 reply

    Thanks man! Its been fun as always and I always appreciate a vote! =D

    Hanging on my wall. lol. I've got a bolt action shotgun I'm planning so we'll see how that turns out. With the K'nex war coming I'll be making alot of guns soon!